Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is Martsa on Elm. Cute, no?


I totally wanted to paint my room that exact color. My mom talked me down (probably wisely, it’s maybe a BIT intense for somewhere you sleep) but man oh man do I love that color.

This was my first time ever having Tibetan food! I love tackling new cuisine.

Momos, their dumplings:


Two sauces on the side; the one on the left was super spicy, the one on the right was crazy tangy and delicious.


With spinach and tater filling. Yummy!


Wowsers my entree:


Tofu and mushrooms in a pumpkin-cashew-curry sauce. Wow. WOW. I feel like all the tofu, nut, pumpkin, spice loving bloggers out there will appreciate this meal.

The flavor combo was not quite like anything I’d ever tasted. Every bite I picked up on some new spicy/smoky/sweet/tangy sensation. And I definitely found an actually curry leaf! Way cool. Although should not be eaten. It’s like a bay leaf. I was a bit too experimental, heh.

It was keerazy delicious. And good for the chilly weather.

And when in Sommerville: 


Kickass Cupcakes, obviously.

Yule nog cupcakes:


Gingerbread with eggnog buttercreme.

The mojito:


Key lime cupcake with rum buttercreme.

Cupcake crisps:


Bake a cupcake. Roll it in bittersweet chocolate and crushed candy/coconut/nuts. Bake it again. And, cupcake crisps.


Got that one last time. The top is like pecan pie. The bottom is like chai tea. So ridiculously delish.

Got a mojito and a nog:


And then they were closing early due to the approaching blizzard and I got to take this box home:


The red velvet cupcake suffered slightly in my purse:


But was nonetheless delicious.

Then the boy and I broke up. Well, breakup. Is it a breakup if you aren’t in a (ha!) exclusive relationship?

I arrived home (after trekking through the blizzard, that was fun) to this, from my roommate, sitting on my desk chair:


Now, I know the distinctive wrapping paper from like, miles away, but a closeup for those who do not.


The. best. candy. in. America.

My grandma’s father was a confectioner. He had a whole string of ice cream parlors and candy stores before, yknow, that Great Depression thing hit. It means we have some beautiful antique candymaking equipment and it means my grandma had a killer palate for chocolate that she also instilled in me. And she wholeheartedly approved of Sees! High praise indeed.

The roommate showed up after awhile and also had a sample she had gotten from the store. Being coffee flavored, I enjoyed some with breakfast. Nibbled at a bit straight off:

DSCF3197 DSCF3198

Then had the remaining piece with my PB+B oats.


And now I am home, alone, and sad, with this.


Guess my Christmas weight gain is beginning a bit early this year!


Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said...

So sorry about the breakup, that is tough.

Lily @ Lily's Health Pad said...

I'm sorry to hear about your break-up :-(

But those cupcakes surely do look amazing! We have a similar place in Charleston called Cupcake. Their flavors aren't quite as eccentric though.

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

My room is that color. It rocks. I believe the exact paint name was "orange alert"
And I'm going to have my first Kickass cupcake in 2 days! It's my mom's birthday and that's what my dad will surprise her with

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I am seriously just trying to maintain this Christmas. It is SO hard! We have a cute cupcake store like that near us and they are so delicious!

Angelalovesfood said...

Chocolate and cupcakes galore!!! oh my. :)

Michal said...

im jealous of all of your vegan eats. Those dumplings are so cute, and that tofu shroom in currey sauce looks intriguing.

Ameena said...

Chocolate and cupcakes can make anything better! Sorry about your breakup.

Anonymous said...

I think chocolates always seem better at Christmas, maybe because there's less guilt attached to eating them at Christmas.


Anonymous said...

i say start jan 1...heheh. OMG all of those sweets look so delish and decadent! AT least they are little portions! BTW i feel like breakups are little deaths. you can NOT be alone, go out with friends as much as you can. :( Trust me..i've been through BAD ones...sunshine is on the other side.

Unplanned Cooking said...

I think that is the color of our kitchen! I loved it before I started trying to photograph my food. Now it makes everything I make look orange ;).

photodelicious said...

i love kickass cupcakes...they make everything 300x better :)

Penny said...

I have a chocolate problem.

Chocolate is a good thing after a breakup. So sorry about that. Eat some chocolate, buy a new sweater. All will be well. :-)

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Um, wow, "tofu and mushrooms in pumpkin-cashew-curry sauce"...this sounds perfect!!

Tara said...

You're eats all look so good!
sorry to hear about the break up =/ seems like you have a lot of buisyness to stay distracted with though =] Have a very merry christmas! <3 <3

fittingbackin said...

Very cute!! Love the pendant drum shades and all of the cupcake pictures!