Wednesday, December 2, 2009

gloomy gourmet

Yesterday it was officially Cold. Ugh Boston.

For dinner I went for warm and comforting:


Is there anything better in the cold than hot and crispy roasted veggies?


Plus for good measure oozy cheese on carbs. There’s something about tuna melts that takes me back.


Yes, I eat tuna during Advent. Not as hardcore as I could be.

More comfort, obviously, in the form of:


Rather than my usual whipped banana oatmeal, I felt like deconstructing it, if you will (how Top Chef of me!).


Oats and raisins with half milk and water, topped with sliced banana, PB, and cranapple butter.

In other news, the adorable Taylor gave me an award!


I am beyond flattered! Taylor, your blog is beautiful too!

I’m supposed to list 7 things. Yikes!

1. I live in the East now, but grew up in Spokane, WA. Deep down I’m a Westerner. Here’s a view from Lake Pend Oreille, where we stay in my mom’s friend’s cabin, in North Idaho.


2. Along with reading copious amounts of food blogs, I am very fond of Jezebel and Savage Love.

3. I am always cold. For Christmas I would like a snuggie.


4. I despise people who mess up “to” and “too”, “they’re” and “their”, etc. While we’re on the topic of pet peeves, I hate people who shove their way onto subways before letting other people get off; people who take up the entire sidewalk walking slowly with their friends; and people on Bluetooths.

5. I am deeply, deeply in love with James Franco, and got addicted to Freaks and Geeks last winter break.


6. I am a compulsive doodler. I have great professors and try to pay attention to them, but have to be doing something else at the same time.

7. I graduate college in less than 3 weeks and have NO PLANS. DIOS MIO!

I’d pass this on to 7 bloggers, but Taylor already included all my faves! Just know I love you all :D


Genesis said...

you grew up in spokane? no way! i live in pullman. do you ever come back to the good ole PNW?

i love love love your #4. There are some blogs that I stopped following because they could not differentiate between the right usage to save their lives. drives me bezerk. once in a while its fine but when every single post has a grammatical error, i go nuts. would it kill ya to proofread?

oops sorry that was a rant comment!

Congrats on the award.

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

Freaks and Geeks rocked

Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said...

Tuna melt looks good.

My dog and I both want snuggies:) We are always cold.

Sasha said...


The Purple Carrot said...

Haha, I finally got a Snuggie myself! Those commercial are HILARIOUS, aren't they??

P.S. Your dinner is definitely ultimate comfort food in my opinion ... yum, yum!

Morgan @ Life After Bagels said...

Wow I totally want a tuna melt and I don't even eat fish

Sally said...

Hahaha this post speaks to me for a few reasons.
1. I just watched the whole Freaks & Geeks set a few weeks ago. Looove it. But, I loved Nick most.
2. I just explained to someone the other day how seafood and dairy just never go well together...EXCEPT for tuna melts. Tuna melts are magical.
3. I picked up a Snuggie the other day at Bed Bath and Beyond and wanted to buy it, but the only one they carried was the leopard-print one. I'll hold out for blue (fingers crossed).


Lele said...

Sasha- my stomach hurts from laughing!

Sally- I love Nick the most too- every time I listen to "Lady" (which is a lot) I start laughing. He is so awesomely earnest.

Anne said...

I'm with you on the roasted veggies! They are sooo good. Especially brussels sprouts--I'll only eat em roasted :) Aw man, I get so annoyed with the to/too and your/your thing, etc. It's bugged the crap outta me since like, 5th grade!

Genesis said...

Duck Brand...nope no longer here. I dont think ive ever heard of it. It may have left before i came here in 06.

PNW is calling your name.

Sophia said...

LOL! DOn't worry. I'm sure many college students are going "DIOS MIO" with you! Things will turn out.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I will be a tuna melt lover forever.

Julia said...

Looking good! Can you believe I made tuna melt for the first time EVER this week? So good!

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

Anonymous said...

The tuna melt looks yummy and the side of sprouts.
I want a snuggie too.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog's name!
Also, your Brussels made me hungry. Too bad I don't have any in the house. :(

Erika said...

You must have love Boston's 66 degree day today! I totally did! And I agree about the people who push onto the T before you get off. Same goes for elevators. I think real life etiquette classes should be taught in high school!

Anonymous said...

I want me some tuna melt now. your foods always look so warm and comforting.