Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas colors

Thanks for all your nice comments on my pity party of a post yesterday. I’m much less whiny today, in part because my life has been greatly improved by this video my adorable sister sent me:

I can totally relate, girl.

In other news, OH EM GEE TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS! Following a frantic last minute trip to Old Navy this morning (where I waited in line for… half an hour?) I am DONE buying presents and it is ALLOWED to be Christmas! Yay!

Started the day with Christmas oats of Christmas colors!

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box (sorry, different Christmas gift)

Step 1: Put some apple and fresh (in the freezer) cranberries into your oatmeal pot.


Step 2: Add water, and cook until you start to see some breakage downage.


Ultimately, it’ll get all jammy and awesome, at which point you’ll want to add the sweetener of your choice (I like it tart, but even I add a little bit of honey)


Then oats!

The finished product:


Topped with some flax and these bad boys:


More from our Tower of Treats :D Have I mentioned that I love the holidays?

This bowl had it all- sweet, sour, soft, crunchy, salty!


I also made my Ma a bowl of oats worthy of note:


Butternut oats! This might’ve even been better than the last time I made it, because she’d roasted the squash with butter and maple syrup so it was already extra delicious. With oats, soymilk (poor Mama has IBS yuck), and currants, it was diiviiiiiine!

Lunch involved more Christmas colors


That’s more of Astra's whole wheat beer focaccia, a recipe I will likely make as often as possible… for like the rest of my life. It’s SO PERF! And also more of my mom’s awesome hummus.

Aaaaand red and green salad of Christmas goodness!


Lettuce, red pepper, shrooms, leftover salmon, and Annie’s gingerly vinaigrette!

Hurray hurray it’s Christmas Eve!

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Sasha said...

I adore that video! I discovered it like a month ago and watch it quite often. I hope you don't have it as bad as that couple though, and try not to brood in your boy-induced misery too just takes some time.

Merry Christmas!