Thursday, December 3, 2009

naturally lit

My recent lunches have been pretty similar to past meals, but don’t they look better in the sun?!

Oh, Massachusetts apples. They were so HUGE that this is actually only half of one (they are at least twice the size of a normal apple). Plus, obvi, beloved Yoplait.DSCF2965

Aaaaand the roasted cauliflower and hummus wrap was so good I made the EXACT SAME THING AGAIN. Except with possibly even more roasted cauliflower! <3<3


Today’s lunch was pretty amazing (as was today’s weather- it was SEVENTY DEGREES IN BOSTON IN DECEMBER!).

So yes, lots of sun shinin’ on this:


Thawed homemade broccoli cheese soup (this turned out yummy!)


Tuna salad. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate mayo, so I make my tuna salad like an ACTUAL SALAD, with olive oil and lemon juice, along with chopped carrot and onion.


On bread, with spillover on an Akmak. Mmm!

Finally, the other half of a fruit cup I (well, my convenience points) paid excessive quantities for last night. Bulked up with some of my own banana.


Mmm, sun. Fruit and sun.


Genesis said...

wow, i cant believe it was still that warm there.

all your food makes me drool.

hey, i posted another giveaway. check it out.

katherine said...

yay for sunny warm weather in December! enjoy every second of it :)

Unplanned Cooking said...

Makes me want to move to Boston. It's snowing here.

Veggies 'n' Cake said...

Cauliflower looks great. I think I'm going to roast some vegetables and make soup this weekend.

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I hate mayo, too. I usually go with greek yogurt. Full fat makes is soo creamy

Anonymous said...

Wow I think I have to try every meal you've posted about today, spesh the cauliflower wrap.


Dairy Free Betty said...

Yum.. I just found your blog, and it looks great!! :)

Come visit any time!!