Monday, August 16, 2010

apple for the teacher

I didn’t really know about Honeycrisp apples til I started going to the farmer’s market in Boston. Now I eagerly, EAGERLY await them every autumn.

The first crop is beauteous! And tastes as good as it looks :D


Fun fact: the best light in the afternoon is achieved by sticking food on top of the bay window at the front of our house. Where we have antiquey things.

Apple, with Venus. I love!

brightened apple

So the title: an apple for the teacher.

I’m starting Americorps. In a week! I will not be a teacher-teacher, but I will be working at a learning center in a low-income area where I’ll help run an afterschool program, work with teachers and counselors in schools, and help coordinate family weekends.

I decided I needed some respectable clothes.

I’m fairly happy with my selections, but (I swear, it’s cause I’m a Libra) I’m always super indecisive and want second opinions about everything I’ve bought. And then I was like “Hey, people read my thoughts on a daily basis! And at least pretend to be interested! I’ll ask them!”


The pink sweater: pretty or Pepto?

brightened pink sweater

Is the size working on this blue shirt? I love how respectable looking button-downs are but I’m usually busting out of them (which is insane, cause there is just not that much busting to be done. American manufacturers, cmon!)


The shoes… well, I love the shoes. No doubts on them. The shoes are a keeper. They are even comfy!


I’m really just posting them for you to admire :D

Finally, I got a top for going out, something I do laughably little. Ignore my dour expression, for some reason the combination of the dark color and the overcast sky we have at the moment meant my camera DID NOT WANT to take this. So it took several tries.

This is the best but doesn’t actually show the entire top. But we like the beading at the top, right?


My question is, is it too long?



Anyway, I’m using these last few days at home (minus my last few hours working at the bakery) to enjoy the simpler pleasures that I will lack once my life becomes hectic and service-filled.

A leisurely lunch, in my pleasant sunny kitchen, with flowers (leftover from doing coffee hour at church).


You see a yoplait and a farmer’s market pickle (yum!) but the star of this lunch was lentils and rice that my mama had made. Man oh man.

When I make lentils and rice, they taste good. But when my mom makes them…

It’s really hard to even explain because obviously it sounds like simple, even bland food. But. There’s something seriously intense that happens with my mom’s recipe, the traditional Greek one that involves lentils, rice, onions, tomatoes, and tons of olive oil. I’d look it up but I’d just start mentally calculating calories and that’d suck. So instead I saaaaaaavor the unbelievable deliciousness of it.


So as I mentioned, we have those nice flowers cause the fam hosted coffee hour at church. Sunday was my mama’s saint day! In Greece you get a party on the day of the saint you were named after. I love that tradition (I mean, it may just be cause Greek people have celebrations at every possible occasion, thus allowing them to make obscene quantities of food…)

While the idea of lovingly making food for my religious pals and nourishing their bodies after their souls have been nourished is lovely, in actuality… coffee hour is a FEEDING FRENZY. It don’t matter how tasty your food is if people eat it in under five seconds. To that end…


Not my proudest moment. But man, people go CRAZY on the crumb cake!


Genesis said...

love the pink sweater, not too pepto. the shoes are a must. the button down shirt is nice too, but the tank is way too long. maybe if you belted it, you could rock it as a tunic.

fittingbackin said...

Pink isn't peto at all! The shoes are the bomb and I LOVE the button down. I think the shirt is a little long - maybe if you wore heels or like Genesis said a belt?

Jess said...

I love everything you tried on!! I think the shirt is a bit too long, but you still look great. I agree with Genesis. Pair a belt with it!!

<3 jess

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Love the pink sweater on you actually. It would be super cute with a thin black belt too!

Maya said...

Yay on the sweater and the blue shirt! Nay on the tunic, I agree with other commenters, a belt may help!

Honeycrisp apples are the shizz. Stores realize this, and definitely charge more for them!

MelindaRD said...

I do like the pink sweater but I happen to wear pink all the time, so it does not bother me. Congrats on the job because that really sounds like you will be able to make a difference for those kids.

Kelsey Ann said...

i love the sweater!! i think its cute! all the outfits are cute tho! <3

Diana said...

Oh yeah, the sweater and the shoes are def. keepers! And thank you for reminding me that I have honeycrisps to look forward to. Squee!

Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said...

The pink sweater is so cute and those shoes are REALLY cute :)