Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ode to black bean soup

So I know I told you all about my soup making bonanza the other week, but that was actually just scratching the surface of my autumnal soup-making obsession.

The ultimate soup, the stuff I’ve been living on, deserves its own post/salute, and that’s exactly what this is.

Here’s the last bowl of the beauteous stuff that I had for lunch today, glistening in the sun, sprinkled with Sriracha.


Ahh, black bean soup. Here is my recipe that I invented back in the spring. It is economical (dried beans, holla!), healthful, and crazy delish.

And it is good with SO MANY THINGS! Today’s lunch: 


Along with the aforementioned soup I had a pumpkin muffin+ apple slices (this is the last of the farmer’s market apples- I’m keeping them in the fridge as long as I can and rationing them!)


Black bean soup and Sriracha is RAWTHER good!


Another lunch:


With red pepper slices and a pear grilled cheese. Mm mm mm already posted this sandwich but man this was a sandwich experience. I think it deserves another closeup:


In a more Latin-influenced mood: 


With pepitas, avocado, and a TJ’s flax tortilla. YUMMM!

Feeling artful:


With plain yogurt (who needs sour cream?) green onion and TJ’s sweet potato chips.

Clearly I’ve been thawing and microwaving them individually. Apologies for the ugly crust around the bowls.

Another one: 


Plain yogurt and heavenly TJ’s chipotle salsa.

Side dishes:

DSCF2889 DSCF2890

Salad with pepitas and more TJ’s sweet potato chips (I’m obsessed with these- so good! And they’re just vegetables and healthy oil!)

And here it is all mixed up and delicious, like modern art!


Please please please make this soup. It’s awesome. And, as I have hopefully demonstrated, you can do a gazillion things with it!


Erica said...

Black bean soup is AWESOME! I made some last week and used the leftovers to top a salad, make nachos for my husband, and put inside a cooked squash! Just the best! LOVE your blog

Nicole, RD said...

Your soup looks delicious! Saved the recipe! And it's high in fiber, can't beat that!

Yum Yucky said...

That muffin needs to be in my stomach.

Well,ok. And the apples too. :P

Anonymous said...

wow i love black bean soup!!! and that pizza/sandwich thingie.. that made me droooool!

Neela Marijana said...

hey lele!!
wow your black bean soups looks fantastic! i'd love to try that. i have a really big problem with eating beans and such. do you think i can puree the whole soup? i think that would help my digestion a lot.

Julia said...

Looks so good! Can you believe I never had black bean soup before?

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said...

This soup looks great! I'm going to try and make it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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Lele said...

Neela- for sure you can puree the whole thing! I was just too lazy :D

Shaheen said...

That bowl of black bean soup sure does look Gorgeous, thick and lush!