Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It is cold and gross. I have take to wearing both a turtleneck sweater and a hooded sweater for maximum neck and ear coverage.


And, obvi, several layers under that. And a coat. And a scarf and hat and gloves. I am just a cold person—it is a frequent subject of conversation between me and the radiator-like boy. I think I’m part reptile.

Fashion has also taken an unusual direction on my feet:


It’s not my fault that my favorite socks are lime green striped and my favorite sneakers are kelly green polka dotted. If my feet are comfiest in mismatched duds, I’m wearing mismatched duds.

So good thing: every year along with the misery of finals, there is the nice event of Coffee@Finals, in which BU opens up study rooms and provides its students with frightening amounts of caffeine and carbs.

I showed my usual restraint around free food:


Look, BU tuition is disgusting. If they’re giving out “free food”, I’m actually paying for it. I should take as much as possible!

And 3/4 of that tableau is not so bad! The upper right hand corner is my favorite Tazo tea, the upper left hand corner is half a wheat bagel, and I went for one plate of plants:


‘Loupe, ‘dew, ‘napple, grapies, and a few cherry tomatoes that were part of a garnish but looked good.

But yeah okay this plate was all crap:


Mmm. The cookies I actually put in the freezer, but I went ahead and dispatched the mini cannoli and the cupcake.

There has also been HEALTHY comfort food. For example, this tofu scramble, courtesy of Oprah. SO GOOD. In keeping with the breakfastish theme, despite actually having it for dinner (I really don’t even need to bother saying what meal it is- it’s always completely obvious due to the frustrating light situation in my apartment), I had it with toast and the last of some strawberries.


I actually used dried shiitakes instead of the fresh called for, and the combo was awesome. The tomatoes had a nice sweetness!


The cherry tomatoes and red peppers were actually also a freeb—I got them at Latkepalooza, an event that gets put on at Hillel House every year around Hannukah! I ate a whooooooole lotta latkes and stole some veggies.

Also from latkepalooza, stashed in my laptop on the way to a study date:


Gelt improves studying. This is just a fact.

Another studying addiction:


Bottle upon bottle upon bottle. Environmentally reprehensible (though I do recycle) and introducing total artificial rubbish into my body. But whatevs, sometimes you need it! During finals week, I just need something to distract me! I can either take a swig of this or bake and eat an entire batch of brownies (and believe me, I have a box. It’s the Ghiradelli kind. They’re good. It’s crossed my mind!)

On a more natural note, what is smiley mug smiling about now?


That’d be Oikos with the last (sob!) few pieces of farmer’s market apple, cranapple butter, and almonds.


So ridiculously delicious. Sweet, sour, tangy, crispy, crunchy.


Kristen said...

Good luck with the studies! You are so cute in your warm hoodie.

Genesis said...

i think that everything is excusable during finals week. seriously.

i agree with the whole free food thing. it all comes back full circle so why not make the most of it. i do that too with free food...LOAD UP cuz I essentially paid for it.

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Try to stay warm and happy... Good luck studying!

Erika said...

I am like an old lady and always need a shawl or scarf around my neck! Luckily, they are in style right now! And def indulge on the free food. You need the energy for the brain power...good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the socks-they are super cute!

Veggies, Cake & Cocktails said...

My husband and I are always at odds about the temperature inside. He is always hot and I'm freezing! So I totally understand the having to wear multiple layers in the house.
I so need a snuggie!

Valerie said...

I feel you girl. Tuition IS disgusting, but it totally justifies any freeloading you can get. Especially on food.

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

lol I totally took the Tazo teas from BU catered events when I went to BUA ;-) Smart minds think alike

Anonymous said...

love the socks! hey, when you're cold, you're cold!

Hallie said...

Hey thanks for the Boston tips! That was awesome. This post brought me back to the college days in Ithaca NY. IC used to do the same thing with the snacks but it was beyond lame...basically coffee, leftover bagels from breakfast, and some kind of random snack mix. I mean, it didn't stop me from eating it, but now I'm mad they never gave us cannolis!

Michal said...

Im wearing a pair of socks just like that now!

Tasty looking eats, girl youve got me hungry for some tofu scramble action :)

~ Diana ~ said...

you eat way too many delicious foods as a student. I ate donuts. my butt turned into a big ol muffin.