Monday, November 1, 2010

rallies and relatives

Happy (day after) Halloween!


Life’s been nice. Spent my Saturday with a lovely variety of young sarcastic people, aging hippies, and Jon Stewart!


We made it a multigenerational family event. My cousin and her husband came up from Texas (and Richard’s parents came over from England! Well, not just for the rally. But his mom did attend!)


Yes, that shirt does say “Don’t Teabag on Me”.

The rally was fun, I guess. There were people. Lots and lots and lots of them. That tiny thing? That’s not the stage. That’s a screen. The last one back. We could basically hear nothing


Though there were many people, there were many nice people. My credit card got dropped at some point during the proceedings and I scurried home and canceled it, but later that day got a lovely facebook message from a fellow rallygoer offering to return it! I am proud to be an American!

We Metro’d in but we knew any public transit would be a total kerfuffle following the rally, so we ended up just strolling from DC to Alexandria, where my cousin Lara lives.


About 7 miles. I did end up wishing I’d eaten something (the rest of the fam got hot dogs but yknow me and my current meat ethics/fear) so I was sort of hallucinating foliage by the end, but it was a beeyootiful day.


I’ve decided the solution to my fear of driving in DC is just to walk.


We headed back to my aunt’s for  postrally dinner where I promptly refueled with the. best. thing. in. the. land.

Brie. Puff pastry. FIG JAM.


My aunt Kathy (who is a ridiculously supportive blog fan) has discovered this brand of fig jam that has GIANT FIG HUNKS. Spread on a cracker, this “appetizer” (encased in quotation marks because I ate an entree portion!) was stupid stupid stupid delicious. Mmm mmm mm.


There was other food that I just did not bother photographing because I was having too much fun hanging out with my family. I did, however, get awesome pumpkin man from multiple angles.

In my defense as a food blogger, he was almost entirely edible! Pumpkin, obvi, with an eggplant nose, olive eyeballs, apple ears, and marshmallow teeth.


So I’ve been working and funning a lot, as has my dear mama, so we tend to go for 4 or 5 days at a time without seeing a lot of each other despite, uh, living in the same house.

So we try to do dinner on those occasions.

So so so so fast: In one pan, git some chopped up asparagus in some olive oil on medium heat(I consider it a bit out of season but my mom bought it. It was actually quite tasty).


Meanwhile, caramelize up some onions, also in olive oil, but on medium low.


Whisk up some (preferably farmer’s market) eggs with salt and pepper and a splash of milk. And if you’re particularly awesome, some fresh rosemary you picked off your deck.


Cook asparagus til fork tender, then let the pan cool a bit. Dump in eggs, then put caramelized onions and a sprinkling of cheese on top.


Broil til golden and bubbly! This took maybe twenty minutes total and was sooooooooo delicious.


A final shoutout to my family: my cousin Kayla sends everyone cards for holidays and I just got mine for Halloween. She gave a special mention of my blog:


I am enjoying my blog, cuz!


Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

brie + fig = the most delicious thing i've heard today

[although it is still early ;)]

Your pumpkin is ADORABLE!

Maya said...

That pumpkin is wicked awesome.

I went to the rally, too, but luckily I was able to hear and see a jumbotron. I was also [barely] able to see the stage, but I could clearly see the giant Colbert. Seriously, one of my goals in life is to live in a city and not own a car. Walking and public transportation all the way!

I love figs. I love chunky jam. Figgy, chunky jam is basically perfect for me!