Saturday, November 6, 2010


The cupboard was BARE. A series of weekends spent working/hanging out with Jon Stewart meant no trips to the farmer’s market.

We needed to restock.



Went to the market demanding something ending in “nip”. Believe these are of the tur- variety? Also cauliflower, kabocha (!) the first I’ve seen at my farmer’s market, and a repurposed Trader Joe’s bread bag full of…


Brussels sprouts! Yes yes yes yes yes!

My first order of business is definitely recreating the sauteed brussels sprouts with agave, dijon, and dill that I inhaled in Austin.

The president’s fave:


Apparently arugula has  really long season?! My uncle is growing some too!

From our favorite Mennonites, super fresh eggs, featuring the return of GREEN EGGS!


Comice pears (which I’d never heard of but they offered a sample and they were SCRUMPSH) as well as a quince (according to scholars, the traditional fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil back in the day. The British or somebody came up with apples).


They said the quince was super pectin-ful and thus good for jam. I think Cooking Light did a feature on them a little while ago, so believe I’ll do some research.

Anyone got any good quince recipes?

Continue to inhale THIS:


Pumpkin kefir!

There was also an adorably awkward boy scout who sold us (well, mostly with his mom prompting him what to say) some popcorn.


And after all that natural farmer’s market goodness, we went to the Entenmann’s discount bakery :D

Though to be fair we do not go for donuts and crumb cake (well except for church coffee hour, shame shame shame). They have cheap Arnold brand breadstuffs, often though not always of the whole wheat persuasion.

Today we got pitas and sandwich thins (which are such a “diet food” but I like because I am a sandwich filling person, not a sandwich bread person).


This was my first time buying sandwich thins (and I use the word loosely) “naturals.”

Just look at all these “natural” ingredients.


Freakin’ corn syrup.

Then went to the mall to try and spend some of my birthday gift cards, where I was unsuccessful in purchasing a peacoat but bought a crazy fierce black miniskirt.


Came home and snarfed down (well, went halfsies with my mom) on final farmer’s market purchase from the phyllo lady!

Little rolls of goodness, in the potato, dill, and feta flavor (left) and mushroom and couscous (right).


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i am waiting for a good batch of brussels sprouts as well... about there :)