Monday, November 15, 2010

happy places

1. Great Falls

Even happier because we were there on a day off (thanks vets!) and on a ridiculously, absurdly beautiful November day.

We begin with an absurdly good parallel parking job.

DSC01543 DSC01542

Yeah, I DIDN’T do that. I now make Steve do most of my parallel parking for me. He is extremely, EXTREMELY convenient. And as you can see, TALENTED.

So yes, all our other coworkers blew us off so on this autumnal romp was Steve (who, contrary to what this picture might suggest, is not 9 feet tall), me, and Erin.


It was a gorgeous day and it’s a very fun hike (anyone done the Billy Goat Trail?) where you kind of clamber all over rocks and then stop to admire really dazzling views.

DSC01548Going with Erin was fun because she has actual photographic skills.

Most of the day’s remaining pictures can be divided into fantastic foliage…

DSC01544 DSC01557    

… and Steve climbing ridiculously high and unsafe things.

DSC01556   DSC01559

Wait, what, this is a food blog?

Thank you Newmans, for the fuel.


Other favorite place:

2. My friends’ apartment building.

The other Americorpses (as I call them) all live together, very close to where we work. I frequently invade their homes, particularly when I’m working late one night and going back the next morning. And you know, just when I want to hang out with them.

Wednesday’s pre-hiking dinner involved a chickpea-cauliflower curry made by me that, I gotta say, was pretty good.


Then sundaes of cookies ‘n creme and Steve’s inspired addition of bananas (check out my highly inadequate socks!)


Thennnnnn we went out to a bar and hung out with a drunk softball team. It was fun.

Thursday night was potluck, so I made manicotti… with a hottie (yep, there’s a song).


Potluck was fun but there were bosses and I just didn’t feel like documenting.

These are old but I highly recommend this evening.

Homemade pizza (by someone else, the tiki surfer man being a hint of who):


Aaaaaaand wine and trail mix and best of all Coupling (anyone?! Anyone?! Britcoms?!)


Vair pleased with life right now.


fittingbackin said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a great time. I want someone to make homemade pizza for me!

Maya said...

I went to Great Falls recently, excellent foliage and views! Banana goes good on anything sweet or breakfasty I have decided, which is why it is a mandatory topping at fro you joints.

Americorpses. Loves it.

MelindaRD said...

Looks like a great day out for all that nature. I may be confused, but what Great Falls is this? Montana? It seems like it would be so much colder there this time of year. That is the only Great Falls I have been to.