Sunday, November 7, 2010

missing the farmer’s market

We missed the farmer’s market two weeks in a row and I realized what a spoiled food snob I have become by how intensely missed local plants. But still ate pretty well and creatively.

There’s my old friend carbs, obviously, in the form of my old and seriously long-lost (it’s been like two months since I had time to make them!) friend MUFFINS!


They’re aight. My mom bought key lime pie yogurt and while I love love love key lime pie I hate hate hate key lime pie yogurt because wow it is green and artificial. So I threw some of that in. And that seemed pathetic and unnatural so I tried to go seasonal with fresh cranberries (though truth: they were from last November in my freezer). Not worth publishing the recipe, but not bad.


Church catered: za’atar bread!


Love love love going to church with people from Lebanon. Their food is so stinkin’ delicious. For those of you yet to be acquainted with the mysterious, smokey sumac flavor in za’atar, GET ON THAT!

All rolled up with fresh pita and olive oil, mmmmm.


Did manage a salad, and even a pretty good one:


Via Safeway, carrots and lettuce.

Via Costco, avocados (they really are the way to go: they’re way more affordable cause you buy a huge bag and they’re way higher quality than any other grocery store).

Via my pantry, chickpeas! I love chickpeas in salad.

Rounded out with what I called a “European tasting plate” (I am ridiculous)


One of my muffins, hunks of cheese (we’re STILL working our way through the six pounds of cheese my mom won), and FRESH LOCAL APPLE! God bless apples for being so wonderfully nonperishable. They lasted three weeks (apparently we bought a lot?!)


The eggs also last awhile, since even when they’re “old” they were so much fresher than supermarket eggs when we had bought them weeks previously that they’re STILL better (that was a tortured sentence but I’m too lazy to fix it).

Sauteed out of season but pretty good Safeway asparagus in a bit of olive oil on medium heat til fork-tender:


Caramelized some onion on lower heat:


Whisked together eggs with a splash of milk, salt and pepper, and local (yay for having decks!) fresh rosemary.


Pour eggs on asparagus, sprinkle caramelized onions on top, grate on a bit o’ parmesan


And broil til golden!



Rhea (Greek Feaster) said...

mmmmmm. i love a good frittata/quiche.

Astra Libris said...

eggs + asparagus + onion = perfection!!!

za’atar bread = my idea of heaven... :-) Actually, anything involving za'atar is my idea of culinary heaven... :-) Speaking of eggs, have you tried putting za'atar in scrambled eggs? So. Good. :-)

Tamara Marnell said...

I suppose I should get on the Lebanese bread then...but I'm not sure where the nearest stop is :p