Sunday, February 21, 2010

i heart beans

Beans are the *best*. Which is good, since this being Lent, I will be eating a LOT of them. But I love beans:

Coffee beans…


In Americano form, mm.

A fact about me: my name being Ileana, people have been known to try to call me “Illy”. Please, please, please don’t do that. I hate it so hard.

More beans, lovely lovely lentils:


Specifically, lentil and sweet potato curry.


Made from this recipe. It was okayyyyy. Honestly, you say “lentil and sweet potato curry” to me and I have HIGH HIGH HIGH expectations. And it was just a bit dull. Though improved when I mashed up the sweet potato to incorporate its sweet deliciousness (but um it looked like barf!).

With some of the leftover brown rice I made myself a burrito bowl. It was a bit boring… my avocado INCONSIDERATELY decided not to be ripe enough.


This consisted of brown basmati, the last of some refried beans (the low fat kind- I have to say, though, is there anything better than the beans you get at real authentic Mexican restaurants that are undoubtedly made with lots of lard? In my mind, there is not!), mashed with some jalapeno, with green pepper and salsa verde atop.


With a yogurt and homemade ginger tea. Do other people make their own ginger tea? To me it makes no sense to buy ginger tea bags for like $.50 each when an entire knob of ginger, which you can cut thin slices off of for legit six months, costs like $.35.

This next set may or may not go with the bean theme… Is chocolate a bean? I clearly should’ve paid more attention when I went to the chocolate factory… Anyway, it’s a pod. And it’s delicious, particularly in CAKE IN A MUG!



To this…


From this recipe: chocolate cake in a mug.

HOLY. GOODNESS. I omitted the walnuts, and halved it (and thus halved the cooking time) and oh my god it was DEATH BY CHOCOLATE (which would be how I would like to die!).

Remember, you can still ask me anything! I’ve been really happy with the questions I’ve gotten so far- I was freaked out seeing some stuff in other blogs, but clearly people who read my blog are just way more polite than people who read other peoples’ blogs :D


Trying To Heal said...

ohhh...that mud in a cup looks good!

and sadness about that lentil/sweet potato curry...i was totally up for making it until you said it was subpar. we'll find another!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by me bloggie!
And omg I hate when avocados are inconsiderate and not ripe enough. I think chocolate comes from cocoa beans, so it definitely counts! And that cake in a mug is how I want to die too!

Shelly said...

I love ginger tea but have never made my own! How much ginger do you use per cup and how long do you let it seep?

Becky said...

I love beans, too! Having an at-home Chipotle style bowl tonight! I'm looking for good lentil recipes, so when I find them I'll be sure to share!

MelindaRD said...

That choc cake in the cup looks divine. beans rock and we totally had some for dinner tonight. I could go for some lentil soup now :)

Jean @ BellaBeFabulous said...

Thanks for your comment Lele!

I have been having some serious chocolate cravings lately and your Death by Chocolate in a cup looks like it would not disappoint!

Happy Sunday:)

Ashlei said...

Cake in a mug sounds amazing <3

Jess said...

Cake in a mug? Droooollll!

I love beans too ;)

<3 jess

Angelalovesfood said...

I love beans, I used to hate them and think that they were disgusting! I made sure to tell the lady at Chipotle to double the black beans last night.


La said...

Ahaha, my name is Ilana and people have called me Illy and I hate it just as hard as you do. It's ridiculous!
I saw that chocolate cake recipe and have been dying to try that I see it works, well, I'm so in!

Anonymous said...


Anais said...

Beans are definitely amazing! I make this bean mash - white beans which you mash and add garlic and pepper and YUM! It's super delicious :) You can have it on toast or just by itself.

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

So glad you commented on my blog so that now I can visit yours! I've never made my own tea. My father in law owned a coffee farm in hawaii so we used roast beans there. Such a heavenly smell and wonderful FRESH taste.

Michal said...

Cake + mug + chocolate lovin = OMGYUM!

fittingbackin said...

hehe I HATE when my avocados are inconsiderate. grrrr. I get really upset when they're not ready to be eaten!

I love beans - I never realized how many beans I ate a week until I started meal planning - craziness!