Tuesday, February 23, 2010

so eggcellent!

Best lunch in recent memory!

I opened the latest issue of Eating Well (my entire family  has airline miles expiring and it has meant an ABUNDANCE of new magazines!) and saw the recipe for Hilary's Heavenly Eggs and went YES.


Oh. Yes.

Step one on my journey to egg awesomeness was these guys:


I am lucky enough to be a member of Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program, and as a result got a sweet coupon for a free carton of these. They are INTENSELY DELICIOUS and apparently healthier? Love when those two things occur simultaneously.

Anyway, I dumbed down the recipe a bit and just poached my egg in some jarred tomato basil sauce.





And rather than putting it on silly low-fiber baguette, I OBVIOUSLY instead put it on a slice of my ridiculously delicious brown Irish soda bread.


Oh. Em. Gee. The combination of flavors was un. friggin. believable. The richness of the egg, the savory tomato goodness, the hearty wheaty base of the bread, all hot and combined on my fork… PERFECT! I cannot wait to make this again.


I have waited semi-patiently for this stupid thing to ripen, but it finally did! Papaya, baby! Also courtesy of Hmart (last week’s trip!). Just look at the beautiful star of seeds!


While not quite as good as the fresh papaya in Thailand (obviously) it was still nice to have on this fairly gloomy day. Along with, of course, I restocked, yogurt!


It has kind of occured to me that I’ve been posting small meals lately, thus causing people to think I eat way less than I do. But the truth is, due to currently being home and not working yet, I have been NOSHING LIKE IT’S MY JOB (cause um it is?).

Exhibit A:


Despite the fact that I am 21, my mom continues to bring me goodies after she goes on business trips. This is a big (BIG) bag of Swedish fish, those awesome gummi blackberries and raspberries, and cinnamon gummi bears. Suffice it to say that when she got here on Sunday, there was more than a pound of candy in that bag (that’s why she got the complimentary creepy rubber duck with bunny ears). Between the diligent efforts of the two of us, there is now a single Swedish fish left (and I only left it cause it’s orange and that’s my least favorite flavor).

Exhibit B:


48 ounces of Craisins. Costco is ridic. Anyway, I’ve been totally demolishing them. Mmm.


Veggies 'n' Cake said...

Those eggs look great! I'm going to have to check out that magazine and see what other dishes they have to make.

Free eggs = Fantastic!

Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

Your lunch looks INCREDIBLE!!!

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

WOW, eggs and tomato sauce. I need to try this recipe.

Pam said...

The eggs do look delicious!

Fearless Kitchen said...

This is a really interesting dish. I love how you've simplified it, making it much easier for a late weeknight. Using the higher-fiber bread was a great touch too.

La said...

Mmmm... my mom makes "shakshuka," which is a middle eastern dish composed of eggs poached in tomato sauce. they serve it like that, with pita or bread. so so good. yours looks amazing!

Juliana said...

I love egg dishes...your look so yummie...and papaya, love it! Nice meal :-)

Stephanie Savors the Moment said...

Love your blog! Those eggs really do look eggcellent - that is totally my type of dish. Those are the eggs I use too - healthy and delicious is always a good combo:) I also love all things gummi - Swedish fish rock!

joanne said...

How did I miss that recipe in the magazine?! It looks great or at least your version looks fantastic. Def. going down as a must try.

ruchikacooks said...

Heavenly eggs..Love the steaming hot one.

the Provident Woman said...

I'm suddenly really hungry.

Chef Aimee said...

Eggs are such a perfect meal for one - I am impressed with your poaching skills, too! :)

Molls said...

ahhh your mom is too cute!

Jamie said...

I am ALL about eggs with tomato/salsa/tomato sauce - they look awesome!

Chow and Chatter said...

wow love what you did with the eggs, delish thanks for stopping by my blog Rebecca

Bridget said...

Wow I've never seen an egg dsih like that before! It looks delicious though, and such a great idea for a quick meal!
I heart magazines!
Random, but just reading your blog/personal description that your Greek! I just went to Greece in Sept for my honeymoon...it was amazing :)

Anonymous said...

oooooo! i didn't even know you could poach an egg in jarred tomato sauce! that is so cool!!!

and swedish fish are ZE BIZNESS.

Gloria said...

I love Eating Well magazine Im subscrite too, and this look amazing, I love this lunch! gloria

fittingbackin said...

Love the idea of adding that egg - smart! I need to check out Eating Well!

Jennifer said...

I am SO having the egg concoction for dinner tonight!!! yum!!!

Anais said...

so weird I was in the store today and was SO tempted to buy a papaya but for some reason didn't... I've been craving it!! Have you ever tried it with some lime juice sprinkled on top? It's so good! My dad used to make it with some brazilian cheese (which almost tastes like fresh buffalo mozarella) and woah. so good!

Anonymous said...

The egg dish looks yummy! I think I'd probably take the egg scrambled or hard (I just can't do the yolk think). Irish soda bread--great idea! I think pumpernickel would also be really tasty ;)