Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, as much fun as a two-week-long “Wah wah wah I lost my camera” pity party was, I think it’s time to get over it.

I am irresponsible. I should never ever have nice cameras. What I REALLY wish I had was the pictures. But, yknow what? People remembered things before there were cameras. I still have my *brain*. As my dad pointed out, I’m not exactly going to *forget* riding an elephant.

Also, another thing went missing night before last… my cat.

We let him out once the snow had calmed down (more on that later) and we saw him bouncing around, inspecting his territory, annoying Bert, his archrival next door… and then poof. He disappeared. With three feet of snow on the ground.

He was gone for two days and nights and missed THREE MEALS, which is unheard of for him (yes, he likes food more than even I do!) and we basically thought he was dead.

And then he strolled up at 6 this morning, yowled to be let in, nonchalantly ate his breakfast, and has been sleeping furiously ever since.


And last night, guilt-striken, I swore to myself that if I had to choose between the camera and the cat, of course, OF COURSE, I’d choose Smokeface (shut up, I named him when I was 8). So I don’t have the camera. Bee eff dee.

Okay, I know, epic tangent.

Onto food!

This morning:


I ate great food in Asia, and actually even ate some yogurt in Thailand (they have coconut yogurt there that leaves you weak at the knees!) but there is something wonderful about one’s own yogurt ‘n cereal mess. This is plain yogurt, wheat Chex, banana, and a bit of milk all smushed around and topped with almond and cranapple butter.

Smashing. The dish it’s in? One of my GORGEY souveniers!


I also got my mom, along with some gorgey Thai silk things, these cute little dishes from Taiwan:


That guy on the left is a fish! They are excellent luck in Chinese culture. On New Years (I am SO BUMMED I left too early for Chinese New Year!) everyone prepares fish, but then only eats half. The remaining fish indicates surplus and abundance in the new year!

Now, let’s remember that I still have the tan lines from Thailand so you can really see the weather extremes I experienced in a few short days…

Maybe you’ve heard that the DC area has had some snow?


The trees are a little tired. As am I, after LOTS OF SHOVELING.

This is after Snowmageddon Round 1… there was more.


My mom likes to do photoshoots of me shoveling (?). Doesn’t my Camry look tragic?


Anyway, being snowed in means lottttttts of time for cooking. Definitely my favorite snowed-in recipe was healthy vegetarian shepherd's pie. Holy yum. I love mushrooms and lentils. Sorry no pictures!

It also meant having time to make BREADDDDDD! This is the best pita bread I’ve ever made. Look how profesh!


It also had fabbity fab flavor (and omega 3 out the wazoo) due to the flaxseeds! Recipe can be found here.

I had it for lunchin’ along with another snowed-in recipe, Winter Squash Stew with Pinto Beans and Corn. Gorgey and healthy but honestly a bit bland. But worth tweaking.


The abundance of plants in this post means that, as I do for a ridiculous quantity of the year, I am not eatin’ meatin’! It’s Lent, baby! Get ready for veggie goodness, with hopefully some new Asian inspiration thrown in. It’s good to be back :D   


Christina said...

Ohhhh yay I'm SO HAPPY your kitty story had a happy ending. I was getting a tad nervous b/c 3' of snow and missing meals sounds tragic! I'm glad he's ok. I'd die if either of my pets were lost, seriously.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm happy about my stock, but am not a fan of fungus, so don't have stems ever! Boo. You should also enter my give away! Thanks for stopping by! :)

La said...

OMG I totally know how you feel on the cat thing - I have one cat that likes to disappear for a day or two at a time every few months and it scares the living heck out of me! Especially since he's the neediest of them all. And then even worse, one of my cats RAN outside when I opened the door to take out the garbage before the storm hit, and he didn't show up again until the next morning, wedged in a basement window! I feel so so so so guilty! These freaking cats - such anxiety over them. Happy to hear your baby is back safe and sound!

I really do hope you get around to posting about your travels - ever since I went, I've been such an Asia-addict, all I want is to go back and travel everywhere. I love hearing about other people's stories in places I've been or want to go.

PS- seven months later and I still have Thailand tan lines. They're fading, and yes, I did spend at least half my time there exposing myself to cancerous rays, but whatever.

Lily @ Lily's Health Pad said...

I'm so glad Smokeface made his way back! I'd be so sad without my kitty. :-(

Astra Libris said...

I'm so glad and relieved to hear that your kitty returned! He's so beautiful, and looks so happy to be home!

All the snow is SO impressive - our little bit of snow here down south pales in comparison... :-) You look so posh in your snow cap, shoveling, too! You're gorgeous, girl! :-)

I'm so sorry to hear about your camera... Sending big sympathy hugs... *HUG*

Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words about my injury... You completely lifted my spirits! :-)

Jess said...

I'm so glad your precious kitty is back!!! I am sorry about your camera though. But at least you are staying positive!

WOW--that's a lot of snow!
<3 jess

fittingbackin said...

I laughed so hard (with you) on the camera situation and your comments/your dad's comments. I read it out loud to my husband and he said how ironic! I was like what? Why? "because elephants always forget" haha made me laugh - so sorry about your camera though and SO GLAD your kitty is okay!

MelindaRD said...

I am glad your cat made it home. that must have been agonizing. I wish your camera was as good as the cat about finding it's way home!