Thursday, December 30, 2010

recycling and rumination

Thursday was glorious. I woke up in the morning and went “!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have to go to work!”

I mean, I woke up at 7:30. Which was disappointing.

But, following an invigorating breakfast, I scampered off to the mall to do frantic, last-second Christmas shopping. Which was totally successful and then I did AWESOME AWESOME ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY RECYCLED GIFT WRAPPING!


Seriously, one ancient issue of Vogue and a token few pages from Eating Well and I was completely set on Christmas wrapping. And it was so fun and unique and inventive!


A puppy and a lollipop for my dog and sugar loving father; a Vogue’d out box for my fashionista cousin, and Christopher Walken for my boyfriend. For cool points. Christopher Walken, you are so f***ing cool.

You can also do personalized messages which are fun.


When that was finished, I realized I had TIME TO EAT LUNCH.

I have grown to detest lunch at work. It is always a stress-filled time when I am meeting with four different people, preparing a bazillion tasks for the day, and stuffing food indiscriminately into my mouth, paying no attention to its flavors, receiving no satisfaction whatsoever. It is SO BAD FOR ME. I HATE IT.

Whilst home for the holidays, I am SOAKING UP the feeling of being able to prepare and then savor a proper lunch.

As evidenced by my multitude of yogurt pictures. And the joy I got from using the smiley mug bowl.

DSC02099DSC02098 DSC02100 DSC02101

In actuality, it is a vair simple thing: just yogurt and apples and cinnamon (though both yogurt and apples are both from the farmer’s market and scrumpsh). But what a loverly thing, to be able to eat it from a dish, not a tupperware, and have time to go “Hey! This yogurt is creamy and tangy! This apple is crunchy and sweet!”


I also got the joy of crankin’ up my countertop oven to make myself a hot lunch!

1 parsnip, made into fries.


Slice parsnips into fry shapes (you could peel them first… or you could choose to not care). Spray with cooking spray on both sides. Bake at 425 until crispy on both sides, flipping halfway through. Vair delicious. Like candy!


With my fries I had my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite sandwich: hummus (homemade with some leftover kalamata olives) and avocado. On a Sandie Thin.


Such a delight to have the natural light of my kitchen rather than the fluorescence of my workplace.


Together with yogurt. And tea. And sunshine. And the paper. And peace of mind.



The Glamorous Gourmet said...

I love your magazine wrapping paper! My best friend and I try to outdo each other every year with the most outrageous holiday gift boxes covered in magazine clippings. I love to send hers to her office & embarass her, it's alot of fun:)I think I have to try a hummus and avocado sandwich - yum! Happy New Year to you - Cheers:)

Unknown said...

i am SO down with your wrapping styles. purchasing wrapping paper troubles me lol

wishing you a happy healthy and safe new years eve!