Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dealing with it

Went to a party at my cousin’s where I knew the food would be less than optimal to my hippie locavore self (he eats gross boy food- seriously like 9 out of 10 of his meals are hamburgers). So I was like damn it I am bringing some nutrients. And was like hmm what would be topical for a Halloweenish party? ORANGE! And then I thought about Sarah’s sweet potato hummus that I’ve totally been wanting to make and it was perfect!

I roasted instead of boiling my sweet potatoes because quite frankly I cannot have a sweet potato and not roast it. But did the same quantities of herbs, spices, etc.


So. Much. Delicious.

For an accompaniment I toasted up some bread I had in the freezer (TJ’s Tuscan Pane), just brushed with a bit of olive oil. Vair pretty, vair yummy.


Also sliced up some green bell pepper. Tupperwared and ready for the road: healthy and delicious!


Food was exactly what I expected. Was vair glad to have something to munch on. Still ate frightening quantities of candy corn.

Though at this point seriously starting to feel whatever virus is still not done with my system, I was not missing a concert I’d been stoked about since my cousin told me they were coming to town: RED ELVISES! Anybody, anybody?!

They played “Strip Joint is Closed” (a “very tragic song”), one of my favorites. It was magnificent. As was their opener band, actually, which featured this dude rockin’ out on a CONCH SHELL.

But by intermission my voice was so hoarse I literally could not utter a coherent word. So I went home. Then slept til 10:30 on Sunday.

Have not slept that late in MONTHS. It was GLORIOUS. Then stayed in bed til noon reading Vogue, updating my iTunes- it’s the little things, guys!

Went down and dealt with the sickness the best way I know how: food, obviously!


More of the oh-so-nourishing vegetable soup (just got better, man!)


And toast with peanut butter along with my GREAT LOVE, the Gingergold apple. Any Gingergold fans out there?!


Also been adding goodness to my life, in no particular order:


The teeccino. They seem to be marketing themselves as a coffee alternative for the caffeine averse. A teabag that sort of tastes like coffee… it smelled absolutely glorious (like amaretto!) but the taste was pretty mild- like a super floral coffee. Anyway, I enjoyed trying it.

Fun bizarre translation (my dad and stepmom just returned from an Asia trip)


Digging into boring pie. Getting out of boring time.

On the label of a rice cake.




Seriously, it’s like the food blogger forces of the world all came together to inspire this. PUMPKIN KEFIR. Local, grass-fed cow created PUMPKIN KEFIR.

A ridiculously fantastic and wholesome ingredient list:


And the taste of pumpkin cheesecake. It makes me feel good in my soul.


Maya said...



Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

YES! Hooray for sweet potato hummus. Glad you liked it, and I'm sure it was TOTALLY better with roasted sweets. (Boiling in chunks just reduces time to wait for deliciousness.)

Pumpkin kefir? Asian rice cakes?

GINGERGOLD APPLES??? (I love them and can't find them in Texas.)

So jealous.

Anna A. said...

Sweet tater hummus! This is so much delicious. Thanks, I will be mixing this up soon! Sounds scary good. Maybe even making a purple potato hummus batch as well?

fittingbackin said...

that hummus looks great!! I would have never thought to do that!

Anonymous said...

Hell yes to Maryland for producing Pumpkin Kefir!! Gotta get my hands on some!!

Astra Libris said...

Pumpkin kafir???!!! *swoons in a mixture of envy and happiness for you* :-)

Love the translation on the rice cake package! :-)

Ohhhh, your sweet potato hummus looks soooo delish! I'm also so glad I'm not the only one who likes to bring nutritious snacks to nutrition-devoid parties... Discovering I'm not alone made me very happy! :-)