Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Mmm mm mm. Springtimey soup, with sun shining on it!


So I felt sluggish this morning, and had the choice of either pushing myself (gym) or coddling myself (idleness). Since I seriously don’t want to come down with the seriously narsty cold my mother is still harboring, I decided to go ahead and give my immune system some love and support.

And what could be better than soup?


In this month’s Eating Well, they have a gussied-up version of Italian egg drop soup. Apparently there’s a traditional Italian soup that’s basically just egg whisked into hot chicken broth. I heated up some of my homemade veggie stock (yum!) and added some peas and spinach (green things are good for the immune system, right?) and then whisked in a beaten up egg. The result was yummy and comforting but it still went well with the nice springy weather we’ve been having.

I topped it with salt, pepper, grated parmesan, and RED PEPPER FLAKES!


Mmm and I also had THIS:


I knew the artichoke pasta topper was making a repeat appearance as soon as possible. Atop one of my homemade English muffins, it was subliiiiiiiiiiime!


I know people go on and on about protein keeping you satiated, but I think it depends on the individual person. For me, I love some grains. They satisfy my soullllll, first of all, but they also really satisfy my body. Oats for breakfast, bread with lunch, I am good and fueled!

The whole loverly thing, with throat soothing tea.


Continuing with the veggie and Italian and grain love for the day, I made risotto for dinner.


I repeated the roasted red pepper risotto I invented whilst trying to impress a boy. The recipe, unlike the guy, endured the test of time. I tweaked it just a bit by using sweet onion (seriously, my love) instead of green onion and, instead of roasting two peppers, I made it with one roasted pepper and some roasted asparagus (cut, sprayed, and roasted at 350 for about ten minutes).

I topped it with pine nuts and realized it was the colors of the Italian flag.


To accompany, a simple salad of greens and shrooms with sweet onion dressing. Obviously I planned this to bring together the sweet onion flavors. Not cause I was too lazy to make dressing after stirring risotto for an hour, nope.


Finally, we have one of the best desserts ever in the house for throat-soothing purposes.




Katie @ Health for the Whole Self said...

That soup looks awesome! And I'm with you on the carbs thing - I feel like a meal isn't complete without some kind of bread or grain.

Rachana said...

What a healthy and a delicious Soup!

MelindaRD said...

Both the soup and the risotto dish look perfect. I rarely have soup, maybe because I used to live in Las Vegas. Actually while I lived there I worked at an Olive Garden and I was surprised by how much soup we served, even in the summer.

La said...

Protein does not keep me sated! I *need* GRAINS and FAT!

Your soup looks aamaazing. Gorgeous greens!

Unknown said...


PJ said...

love the soup and the rissoto (and the fact that it survived the taste of time compared to the guy :D). the soup is new to me, must taste really good with egg whisked in chicken soup kind of recipe..