Monday, January 11, 2010


Mm, french food.

Tonight’s destination was the adorable Bistro Francais in the adorable Georgetown. A fun reunion of my mom's college buddies and a few of their offspring.

I love going into the city on a Monday night. It makes me feel so glamorous!

And the inside of the restaurant looked like Paris, my faaaaave.


Stained glass, mirrors, banquettes, a pressed tin ceiling…


Beautiful lights, French posters…



I was torn between the salade nicoise and the scallops, but the waiter told me to go with the scallops:

Coquilles St.Jacques au Gingembre et Poivrons Rouges- fresh scallop with ginger and sweet red pimiento sauce julienne vegetables


“Red pepper sauce”= globs and globs of glorious butter with the merest sprinkling of red dots.


I have had my share of dessert over the past few weeks, but I was feeding the meter when everyone ordered, so my mom basically FORCED me to eat this pear and almond tart:


Tres bien. I had about 3/5 and passed the rest off to my mom. This was another of my grandmother’s specialties (except she incorporated the almonds into the crust of the tart, *swoon*)

After dinner I gave people my Foodbuzz business cards, so hello new fans :D

So okay lunch.

I basically never go out to eat anymore, but my mom and my sister have lives and do. So along with the leftover weird turkey hash stuff (upper center), I had my sister’s leftover chicken with arugula and sun dried tomatoes from dinner with her boyf and my mom’s tagliatelle with wild boar ragu (!) from her dinner with an old friend.


Ahh, inherited food.

The pasta was from Dino, a restaurant downtown I’ve been crushing on from afar. It was ridiculously delicious as leftovers, so I can only imagine how amazing it tasted last night!


Wild boar, to be quite honest, tastes like very good beef.

Along with the leftovers, I made my old friend:


The savory cottage cheese bowl! So weird, yet so addicting once you’ve tried it.

Today’s batch: cottage cheese, yellow pepper, carrots, avocado, and of COURSE Sriracha:


I was ravenously hungry at lunch (had a marvy workout!) so I then had more leftovers, in the form of a bowl of the last of the lentil soup, which I ate cold because as usual I wanted cold food after the gym.


Unpictured is my mother’s leftover tiramisu, also from Dino. Mmm mmm mm. Someday I’ll quit eating 5 desserts a day. We’re still in the “holiday season”, right?


Erica said...

Dinner out looks like so much fun! Fresh, warm restaurant bread is just too tasty. Great dessert as well! Hope your week is treating you well :)

Genesis said...

oh my your scallops look so good! i love going out to dinner, we just dont get to do it as often as id like.

Jess said...

Your french dinner looks very yummy! Although I am not a fan of scallops...but that bread looks so good!
<3 jess

The Purple Carrot said...

Pear and almond tart?? Yum! ;)