Monday, June 1, 2009

pretty leftovers

After that huuuuuuge brunch, I wasn’t hungry for QUITE awhile. When we finally sat down to eat, we felt like grazing, so it was the return of epic leftovers. I found this plate to be rather beautiful:


Salad with mixed greens, leftover chickpeas, carrots (mostly for color and crunch), and parsley dressing:


The last of the soba shrimp snowpea toss:


A few bits of leftover whole wheat pasta with homemade meat sauce:


And the other things on that big plate are a bit of cracker with the last of the hummus and fruit salad. I went back for more garbanzo salad and fruit.

That didn’t quite do it for me, so I had a yogurt:


There may have also been some late night ice cream.

I am off to my sister’s graduation!

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