Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my beloved hummus platter

I woke up feeling terrible after not really sleeping, AGAIN! Oi oi oi. I had a nice nourishing breakfast, though. I made a 1/2 cup portion of oatmeal (I almost always do half milk, but today I did it with just water cause my tummy’s been iffy and I’m out of milk anyway). That made me feel better, so I had another portion with 1/3 cup, again just water. Along with that, I had some frozen grapes, cause they were the closest things I had to popsicles, another sickie food!

Frozen grapes are pretty amazing. My group of friends freshman year were OBSESSED with them, and it took awhile for them to get me sold, because what I love about fresh grapes is that great pop and burst of juice when you bite them. But once you quit expecting that and enjoy the different and unique sensation of biting a frozen grape, they’re great! Plus I can never eat a whole bunch of grapes before they start going soft, so it’s nice to have another way to enjoy them instead of wasting them by throwing them out!

I knew I should keep the liquids going to flush out these germs, so I tried a new product!


In general bottled iced tea is REALLY sweet for me, but this one, while sweet, was still refreshing. I liked the combination of green tea and citrus! For lunch, I pulled out these bad boys:


These are my fave tortillas. Their nutritional status is ridiculously good, and they taste great and have a very pleasing, sturdy texture. Today, I put one, sliced into sixths, on a cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray, sprinkled the pieces with chili powder and a bit of cumin, and baked in a 400 degree oven for like 5 minutes per side (keep an eye on them; as you can tell I almost burnt a few!). Voila! Instant tortilla chips.

They went into my go-to lunch, the hummus platter. It is so easy, so fun and varied, so well- rounded in terms of health. I have it at least once a week.

hummus plate

In addition on my plate was about 3 tbsp. Cedar 40 spice hummus (which is really good for packaged hummus! I have no clue what the 40 spices are but they are really tasty!), and some sliced up green pepper, carrot, and broccoli.


I had another vitamin C jolt


And some (horribly photographed) Chobani! I love Greek yogurt, but it is too expensive. It just is. BUT Chobani was on sale for $1 a carton, and even though regular I usually get for $.60, it’s so good that I got juuuuust a few. This one was plain, and I had it with a bit of slivered almonds and honey. And yes, it was totally delicious and filling and made me really happy. But it is JUST YOGURT and is STILL TOO EXPENSIVE. If a company starts making Greek yogurt that is the same price as regular yogurt, I will shill them to the high heavens. Just telling any yogurt company executives who read this (haha, no one reads this).

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