Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gorgeous brunch

Well, technically lunch. I got up this morning, had some oatmeal, ran some errands, and made myself a pretty fabulous imitation of a diner-style brunch. If I had to pick a favorite meal, brunch would probably be it!

First I made some “home fries”, but I only had a teensy bit of potato (leftover from another recipe) so I decided to use up some of my root vegetables that I’ve been ignoring lately and make potato-parsnip home fries. They were super yummy! The potato was already cooked, so I cooked the parsnip the same way (slice into chunks, microwave til soft in a bit of water). I sauteed a bit of sliced onion in 1 tsp olive oil on medium til it was gold and yummy smelling. Then I threw in the parsnips and taters, and added salt, garlic powder, and chili powder. Once that was all golden and gorgeous I put it on my plate and into a 200 degree oven to keep warm.

home fries closeup

Then I started my omelet!

I made my egg mixture with 2 eggs, a bit of water to thin them out, a dash of hot sauce, salt and pepper. I put them in my pan, greased with Pam (this pan is from Target and is SO GOOD for omelets! I never made functional omelets til I got this pan!). Then I added some thawed frozen spinach and a tablespoon and a half or so shredded cheese blend (I bought the 2% version, it was on sale- it’s Sargento Mexican and pretty good!).

spinach and cheese going in

That’s after my filling went in….

post flip

After I flipped it… I felt so triumphant! I just used a metal spatula, and the combination of the Pam and my fabulous fabulous pan resulted in flipping success!

Here’s the final meal

everything far

That red blob in the middle is hot sauce. On the left is a sliced up Fuji apple (half of one I started last night) with cinnamon on it. I think cinnamon is super yummy and apparently it also has ridiculous health benefits related to antioxidants/blood sugar stabilizing/etc.

apple closeup

My favorite apples are the delicious perfect amazing LOCAL ones I get at the AWE-INSPIRING Boston Copley Square Farmer’s Market in the fall, but that closes after Thanksgiving til May :( Til then, Fujis are aight.

One last shot of my diner meal!

everything close

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