Monday, March 30, 2009

evening snack


Brew some tea. While your tea is brewing, slice up half an apple and dust with cinnamon. Take 3 Goya Maria cookies (Goya is so cheap it’s scary- an entire pack of 15 cookies was on sale for 3 for $1! 33 cents! Maybe they rounded it up to 34, ooh!). Arrange attractively.

Dip your cookies in your tea :D

Perfect, PERFECT evening snack.

For those not in the know, Maria cookies are not too sweet and super crisp, but INCREDIBLY satisfying, and a serving of 5 is 110 calories.

They remind me of the cookies my English grandmother has at teatime sometimes. I LOVE the English habit of afternoon tea. I have morning tea, afternoon tea, evening tea (I did have decaf tea- Celestial Seasonings Thai Coconut Chai, decaffeinated. The spiciness of it went so nicely with the sweet blandness of the cookie, and picked up on the cinnamon in the apple!)

I know people say dire and ominous things about carbs at night, and probably my tummy’d be a little flatter in the morning without my evening snacks, but it is nice to have a comforting evening snack. I generally have one between 9:30 and 10 at night, as I start to feel panicky about the amount of coursework I have due the next day, heh x_X

And it’s good to have a snack at night I’m still low on calories for the day, today and in general. Which I know is bad, but my undocumented dinner last night was unsatisfying dining hall noshing that added up to some pretty serious calories. While I still was at max- MAX- 1700 calories yesterday, which I know is really still under what I should be eating, my body is used to eating like 1200-1300 calories. And eating that much more than usual made me feel gross.

So, eating more and getting into maintenance mode is still a tricky little dance I’m trying to accomplish. I’m trying to just do what makes my body happy. And my little snacksie made me very happy indeed!

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