Sunday, February 12, 2012

random- carb lovers edition

To go with sporadic posting- a sporadic theme!

Rather than attempting chronology or theme, I’ll just show you what I ate today. And then some other stuff that was also good. And then some deep thoughts. Sound good?

“Breakfast casserole”- this was brill.


I’d made some lackluster quinoa. Per How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, I caramelized lotsa onions, then cooked ‘em up with quinoa.

The flavor was weird, the texture was weird.


I liked the thought of a hearty breakfast casserole to enjoy upon returning from church. So I whisked up some eggs, added the quinoa mixture, and baked at 350 for twenty minutes or so.

And it was great!


We ate lots at coffee hour at church (rockin’ baba ghanoush and hummus, made by Arabs who know what they’re doing; kholyva which is a cracked-wheat and powdered sugar and walnut confection that is made to commemorate the dead but is also delicious; and gosh how did a chocolate chip cookie end up in there?)

So this made a perfect nice breakfast to wrap things up.

With coffee (with International Delight, a vice I doubt I fortunately indulge rarely but will likely never give up!) and water (because I’m doing this new goals thing- which perhaps I’ll post about if I feel like it later- where I drink 8 glasses a day).


Quinoa mix decidedly livened up by THIS:


That intense looking concoction is THIS:


An enterprising woman at the farmer’s market has started growing her own chilis to make her own RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING hot sauce.

It’s made in the traditional Ghana style which means it is SEARINGLY hot, but also offers a wonderful complexity. It includes ginger, for instance, which gives it an intriguing and enjoyable dimension of flavor.

As for what else was going on in my kitchen:


Oats fer the week! It’s such a godsend to stumble downstairs in the morning and just chuck a pre-made, nutrient-packed breakfast in the microwave.

Next: what I made for the Superbowl. Because I have to post about it soon or it will be ridiculously off topic, instead of just random.

So I went to Whole Foods (not to buy anything, just to use their bathroom; Whole Foods always has a free public bathroom, something I wish more establishments, frankly, made the effort to do), and while there saw some ADORABLE Super Bowl party favors: rum balls shaped into footballs.

And I thought, “Self, you don’t have to buy those at Whole Foods. You can make those!”

Not exactly rum balls; I thought of what I had on hand and what I enjoyed making and what was traditional Superbowl Fare and came up with:

Choco-Puff Footballs*
*like powder puff, get it?

2 T butter or margarine
¼ cup corn syrup
1/3 cup brown sugar
2 T unsweetened cocoa powder
½ tsp. vanilla
5 large marshmallows
4 cups puffed wheat cereal

Melt butter in saucepan. Add syrup, sugar, cocoa, marshmallows and vanilla. When mixture begins to bubble, remove from heat; add puffed wheat and mix well.

Working quickly, with hands coated with cooking spray, roll hot cereal mix into football shape and let cool on waxed paper.

Optional: Melt chocolate (I used chocolate truffles, then when they ran out just chocolate chips) in a bowl, and use a toothpick to roll footballs in the chocolate to get an even coating. Then, also optional, for that extra somethin’ somethin, sprinkle with coconut flakes to represent stitching!

Marshmallow mixture at the chunky stage:


Marshmallow mixture at the melty stage:


Footballs formed:


Dunkin’ in chocolate!


And ready for the partay:


I was told these were delicious (and they competed at the party with cheesecake, Clementines dipped in bittersweet chocolate with sea salt yummmmm, and red velvet cupcakes, so that is saying something.)

And they’re presh!

Go long!


Skipping right over the other junk food I enjoyed Superbowl Sunday (dude.), let’s continue with the always enjoyable subject of chocolate.

This is possibly the best hot cocoa mix I’ve ever tasted.


Which appalls me because this is what it contains:


The only way I can justify this is by making myself a third of a serving and telling myself all the numbers are small so I can’t be doing anything too horrible to myself, right? Right.


These are a sweet but entirely dietitian approved: my godmother’s chocolate chip cookies!

They are the best. In the world. I had a much needed Ladies Night and the combined efforts of myself and three other hungry ladies (well four since I think my mom wandered through at some point), before and after a night of dancing, quickly demolished them:


Worth. It. And they are 100% whole wheat.

Guys. My Godmother’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Do yourself a favor and make a batch. Well, maybe a half batch. Because you will eat them all.

On the subject of Recipage, where I have handily posted those guys, it’s also a good place to FIND a recipe.

Like when you want to make pancakes but don’t have any eggs.

Thanks, Mama Pea!

These Apple Cinnamon Pancakes (minus the apple chunks, just applesauce) were grand.


Made a smashing brunch (no I didn’t eat that whole plate!) with some fresh grapefruit.


Vegan pancakes are fascinating. Kind of a pain to flip, but good.

The inside is tooooooooootally different from normal pancakes. Gooey!


Here’s an interesting fact about me: yesterday afternoon (Saturday), I went home, feeling happy and relaxed from a massage (!!!!), a wonderful gift from the boy; and some quality bonding time with that same boy.

I did a few things around the house and on my computer, and then it was mega windy… the power flickered, and quickly went out and then came back.

It seemed unwise to get back on the computer, and I didn’t want to be in some creepy dark area of the house if and when the power went out for longer than a few seconds. So I went in my room. Sat on my bed. Wrote in my journal. Did a little reading.

And then… just… didn’t leave. Round about 7 o’clock, my head began to sink inexorably toward the pillow. When my mom came home around ten, I was OUT. Not bothering with dinner, nor anything but a quick bathroom trip for teeth brushing, I then stayed in bed til eight this morning.

And today I feel… rested. Well. Healthy. Happy.

Do other people sometimes feel completely overwhelmed with everything they’re supposed to be doing? These were some of the thoughts I recorded in my journal. Eating perfectly all the time, the right foods, the right way. Impressing one’s coworkers. Displaying a diligent work ethic both in class and studying alone. Contributing to household chores. Coming up with awesome things to do with one’s significant other.

Here’s the thing, though. I slept really really well last night and woke up and felt good. Like I liked myself, and was happy I’d given my body and mind the gift of rest. I studied for a solid two hours. I feel confident that I have all the necessary energy for the work week. Upon hitting “publish”, I plan to make my boyfriend an ADORABLE Valentine. Sometimes, being a together, confident person happens upon you when you’re busy being a mess and finally just quit and give yourself a break.

So I’m meeting my responsibilities. I’m doing fine. Any other successes are icing on the cake. Or chocolate on the football ;D


Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

You must have needed your rest! Sometimes I feel like I could lay in bed all day and doze off and on. I wish it was that easy! Your eats look great :)

Steven Alexander Heathcliff Basil Bert said...

Ileana, I'm excited about the Valentine coming my way!!!! (Whoops, perhaps I shouldn't have read your blog quite yet!)

Anyhow, I'm really glad that you got a chance to get some cosmic rest. You are such an incredible woman who accomplishes so much. I'm glad the universe has wrapped you in its good graces this weekend.

P.S. Those footballs were like sheets of water after a rain dance. So heavenly, so satisfying, everything that chocolate yearns to be.

Erin said...

Love that you saw something in Whole Foods and just decided to make your own version! Nice work :)

Meghan @ Healthy Food Love Affair said...

I love the idea of doing a breakfast casserole-type dish! I need to start getting more creative with my breakfasts like this. :)

And I absolutely pass out in bed like that some nights. Between my relationship, apartment chores, classes/school work, my part-time job, family, and everything else... sometimes I absolutely just need to sleep for WAY too long. It happens! :)