Wednesday, February 29, 2012

superstar protein

I had the BEST dinner last night.

I went to class, went to the gym, got home at, oh… nine.

I’ve been having positively European-late dinners lately with my current schedule.

Anyway, here’s what I did:

Toasted some curry powder (1/2 tsp?) in a hot-ish small pot. Dumped in some thawed frozen spinach (a cup or so) and some Trader Joe’s tomato and roasted red pepper soup (also about a cup or so). Let come up to a bubble. Added an egg (!) and poached, lid on, for seven minutes or so.

Like… the best dinner I’ve had in recent memory. No lie.


My lucky mother was in Seattle, from whence she has just returned. The boyf was in class. I thus had total license to eat eggs, the ULTIMATE DINING ALONE PROTEIN.

Oh and the ultimate protein, against which all other proteins are measured (as I’m learning in my nutrition class). And the most easily absorbable source of iron.

And it was just hot and satisfying and a bit spicy and a bit tangy and flavorful and rich and delightful.

Oh and as you’ll observe, you need virtually no fresh ingredients. Freezer, pantry, we always have eggs… boom.


The moment I split open the yolk with my spoon… just… no words. It kind of reminded me of the richness of the tikka masala sauce you’ll have in a not-authentic Indian meal. But healthier :D

As mentioned in previous posts, while it’s rare that I’ll eat eggs for breakfast, I love and enjoy them for the day’s later meals.

This is another warmish, high-in-veggies egg thing:

Cut up a tomato. Microwave it in some balsamic and a bit of oil (not much; the egg yolk makes the dressing rich).until it’s softened and jammy.

Then toss it up with some greens and throw a poached egg on top.DSC09441

Nice sweetness happens with the tomato and balsamic!

Another dimly lit late night dinner, with tea and yogurt.


We had some green tomatoes (a decidedly whacky winter has livened up the produce section at the farmer’s market)

I sauteed ‘em up, some in thin slices and some chopped up with sweet onion. Set the slices aside….


… while I added beaten up eggs to the chopped tomato and onion mixture.

Then put the slices decoratively on top!

Then cooked everything.

NICE flavors!


This was a total superfoods after-church-brunch salad:

farmer’s market greens. farmer’s market cucumbers. farmer’s market eggs, hardboiled. smoked herring (!) oh yeahhhh omega 3s and low mercury holla!


Plus a wonderful grapefruit (vair sad that this last day of February marks the end of National Grapefruit Month).


Annnnnd my favorite farmer’s market bread, with flax seeds (within) and sunflower seeds (baked on the crust). Whole wheat. Delicious.




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Shannon ~ My Place In The Race said...

Mmmm...all your eats look so good! :P I love poached eggs! Yummy!