Friday, April 1, 2011


I don’t necessarily post my blog pictures in chronological order- instead I have a folder on my computer that I call “recent blog pix.” I do a big upload whenever my camera’s memory card is full (which is often cause it’s rubbish) and then fling (metaphorically) the most recent pictures there until a coherent, thematic blog post comes together.

Thus, I didn’t immediately notice I had (almost) the exact same (boring) lunch til I saw them next to each other in that folder.

The lunch began with salad. With greens, mushrooms, and some measly carrots.


Yogurt and apples…


Aaaaand a bagel thin (with hummus) to round it out.


As for the next lunch… we have… salad. Greens, mushrooms. Minus carrot, plus hardboiled egg.


Yogurt plus apple

DSC03216 DSC03217

And… a bagel thin (with a thin shmear of sunflower seed butter) to round it out.

One lunch:


The other:


Yawwwwwwwwwwwwn Ileana you are BORING.

Boring… and craving cheese.

So I bought some cheese.

It seemed like a good first step. When doesn’t it? “My life is going poorly… I think I’ll buy some cheese.” (Can I get an Amen, Malindi?)


And we have wraps, which are nice. For whatever reason, a sandwich is inherently slightly more exciting to me just by virtue of being in a wrap.


Here’s where the brilliance happened: my mother had made a sweet potato. “Made”. Not “roasted”, the way God intended, cooking it low and slow making wonderful chemical reactions and sweet potato sap, in an admittedly sort of lengthy process. No, she microwaved it. And I rejected the half she offered me at the time, being a sweet potato snob.

However… on a sandwich… with cheese… could it work?!

I set out to try.


Plus spinach (from the farmer’s market! So delicous!)


Plus apple and some lentil soup (to get my protein on) on the side, for a complete lunch.


DELICIOUS! VICTORY! Herby tangy creamy cheese. Sweet sweet potato. Crunchy virtuous spinach. Solid wrapsie. I LOVE IT!


I was all set for a repeat performance with more cheese, cucumber, and canned salmon…

DSC03376 DSC03377

… healthfully rounded out with homemade coffee yogurt (plain yogurt, 1/4 tsp. decaf instant coffee, 3 drops liquid stevia) and apple slices.


Butttttttttttttt we had a work event. Full of rich people we were begging for money.

Thus, fancy catering.






Oh, did you want some hummus?

Did you want any hummus?


Many of the leftovers are designated for the night of debauchery I’m heading to imminently (much needed following event stress), but we noshed all day at work.

Thus, regular lunch was vaguely incorporated, but got… enhanced.


1/2 a sweet potater (cooked the PROPER way! Look how much more beautiful!); two tomato-basil-mozz skewers, tabbouleh, smoked salmon I peeled off mini bagels…


And coffee yogurt and apple slices!

Took some stuff home to my mama. A motley crew of leftovers!

Tabbouleh (she loves)


Pasta and cheese (she loves)


Carbs ‘n lox (she loves)


Hummus (which I od’d on after coming back ravenous from the gym just now and she’s gonna have to laugh cause I won’t be able to stomach it for awhile)


As for the avocado-crabmeat thing topped with black bean and corn salsa? Suffice it to say we ran out of tupperwares and bags at work… but have latex gloves to comply with serve safe regulations. They work.



Jessica said...

Mmmmm tabbouleh!!! Which I can never spell ;)

Erin Lee said...

mmm....salsa in a glove

Malindi said...

You need to cook for me when I am home. Seriously, I'm dying over here. Although I do have two crawfish boils coming up...