Monday, March 28, 2011

pancakes ‘n paper boats

I went to Erin’s apartment on Sunday to make her pancakes. In exchange, she let me use her absurdly fantastic camera and its gorgey macro setting.

pancakes closeup


I had reasons for wanting to be out of the house… strange reasons. So I called Erin and suggested Sunday brunch, and said I’d bring provisions.

So I whipped up:


Whisked together:
1 c buttermilk
1 large egg
1 T canola oil
1 T ground flax

then added:
1 c. white whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt

A turn on the griddle, plus Erin’s delish blackberries (fresh), raspberries (frozen>thawed into saucy awesomeness) and honey (there being no syrup).

A beautiful, beautiful brunch!


Later in the day, Steve had returned from general debauchery from visiting his college buddy, and it was pleasant-ish, if not actually warm outside. The kite festival was canceled due to highly random snow (that’d melted by then.)

So we decided to make paper boats.

Steve taught me the basic design. Then I cut Lady Gaga out of Vogue and she climbed aboard.


To the park we went, our boats setting sail on the creek, sun glinting off the water.


Annnnd then Steve’s boat totally ATE IT under a log. Being the environmentalist that he is, he went to retrieve it, and was a good sport about posing in defeat.


Gaga came to a gentle stop…


And emerged triumphant, totally intact!


Steve does handstands in random places, and in an attempt to be the fun, lively, energetic person that I am not, I’ve taken to doing a war bow yoga pose, since flexibility is the one thing I can own Steve on.

Glad I didn’t get poison ivy on my belly. In retrospect, it could’ve happened pretty easily.


Annnnnnnnnd that’s how we keep ourselves entertained on Sundays.

Then I stuffed some white beans in some squash. It’d been too long.

Take some squash… any kind… today it was acorn. Bake it… for awhile. Til some of it is soft, but not all of it.

Then kinda scrape around the stuff that is soft.


Get some white beans (I used Goya- my fave!- small white beans, which I think have an almost sweeter flavor than canneloni?!), some dried sage, and salt and pepper. Put that in the squash’s cavity.


Then sorta mash it around until there is an outer squash later almost covering the beans so they don’t dry out.


Annnnnd bake til everything is soft, and you’ve got some nice tasty browning.



It’s also good with cheese :D

Apparently a lot of people have made this recipe (ish). Like my aunt. And my best friend, whose (vegan?!) boyfriend doesn’t really like vegetables (?!)

So. A vegetable dish for vegetable dislikers. And vegetable likers, like me!  


Rebecca said...

haha, the paper boats crack me up! gaga was smooth sailing.

loveeee squash: particularly in spaghetti form. Always craving it.

Erin Lee said...

yay! you won!!!