Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ready for its closeup

Lunch today: I am obsessively photographing my lunch from multiple angles. Patricia goes “… what are you doing?”

I say, “I have to take pictures of it because it’s the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted and it was FREE”. Obviously then she was jealous of me. Not that she wasn’t already cause just LOOK LOOK AT THAT YOGURT THAT IS SOME FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE YOGURT WHOO MAN.


Chobani sent me a package! I sent them an email being all “Don’t even hold out on me I know you have new flavors and my blog slash life would be improved if you sent them to me to try and then they DID!” J’Adore, Chobani!

Black cherry, lemon, and mango THANKS Y’ALL.


Sheila loves them too cause it came in a large box.


Anyway all the flavors, like all Chobani flavors I have tried, are yummy. Like all Chobani flavors I have tried, they do not skimp on the sweet. As someone who has a relationship with sugar much like a relationship Charlie Sheen has with… anything, it works for me.

Black Cherry: (0% fat) if you have tried Chobani Blueberry, it’s a very similar experience. Nonfat yogurt up top, fruit on the bottom. And by fruit on the bottom I mean “sort of chunky but mostly goo and very sweet.” Like the blueberry flavor, whilst eating a Black Cherry I tend to scoop up yogurty goodness off the top and leave a fair amount of goo on the bottom.

Lemon: (0 % fat) the one I was most excited about cause I am what they call a lemon head.
So, let me preface this by saying that I love all lemon-flavored things to be super, even painfully acidic. Thus, I found it to be quite quite sweet. That being said, it contains lemon ZEST rather than lemon juice or always-sketchy-sounding lemon “flavor”. So that is admirably natural of them, incorporates some of that wonderful healthful essential acid goodness of the zest, and finally means TEXTURE. Some people will be skeeved out by this. Not I!

Okay okay blah blah blah but fiiiiiiiiiinally today’s lunch featured the intense awesomeness of 2% MANGO GREEK YOGURT OF AWESOME.


Sweet holy heavens. LOOK AT THAT CREAMY AWESOMENESS! LOOK AT THE HEFTY FLAVORFUL REAL MANGO CHUNKS! It’s like a deconstructed mango lassi. It is so intensely satisfying and delicious.


Lunch was rounded out with:


Leftover gypsy soup I made and froze the other month (still vair delicious, particularly on a, lest the lighting didn’t clue you in, gloomy-weathered day).

And a tangerine. And for dippage a bagel thin I toasted in the morning and then smelled really good of toasted bready goodness so then I ate some.


And so documented, and interrupted by the arrival of the food bank delivery at work, I then shnarfed down this lunch, saving the head spinning deliciousness of that yogurt for last.

Chobani, anytime you want to send me anything else awesome, I will gladly embarrass myself in front of my coworker, photograph it to the absolute best of my ability, and eat it in roughly twenty seconds.


lesley lifting life said...

I love Chobani! :)

Miss Smart said...

Dude, I want THAT hook-up. I'm e-mailing them today.

And seriously, since mango is one of the best fruits ever to grow, and 2% is always better than none...that might be the perfect yogurt.