Friday, October 22, 2010

fond farewells

Frankly, a lot of these pictures are super old. So if the items seem dated (for example, the sweet corn and okra are no more, *sob*), that is why. However, the point of the post remains the same, which is that it makes me so, so, so happy how much of what I’ve been eating lately has been fresh, local produce.

Everyone should get to eat like this!

Here’s been what my countertop has looked like the past few weeks:




Let’s talk easy, produce-packed meals.

We had gorrrrrrgeous green beans. MASSIVE green beans. Which I was initially apprehensive about but no siree Bob no toughness or lack of flavor here. They were oh so sweet and wonderful.


The lunchtime salad:


Arugula, walnuts, green beans. Egg on the side for protein. Lemon juice and olive oil thrown on at the last minute.

Rounded out with coffee yogurt <3 <3 <3


The lunch bowls:


My mama’s quinoa salad with golden raisins and garbanzos. SO good! Paired with cuc slices.


Along with a bowl of yogurt (promise it’s there), apples ‘n cinnamon.


See? Yogurt! Actually, local, scrumptious farmer’s market yogurt :D


The family dinner:

Taco fixins!


Cooked up minced red pepper and onion in oil. Added chopped okra, beans, and corn. SO sweet and delicious!

The eating-alone-but-still-classy meal:


Small red potatoes with chimichurri (this was a DELICIOUS combination!)


Arugula ‘n green bean salad with poached egg on top.


Poach Pal has changed my life. I now ALWAYS have perfectly flowing yolk. Yet still I admire it so.



Unknown said...

ahh it seems like this has been mexican food week. i keep seeing it everywhere and its reminding me that i miss it.

must incorporate next week.

i love when my fridge is packed with produce. its a beautiful thing.

have a agret night!

Tamara Marnell said...

My eating alone meals are never classy. I don't know why. It's not like I don't deserve good food even if I'm eating alone...but my definition of "good" tends to warp in the face of labor and clean-up.

Jess said...

Beautiful fresh produce! Making me hungryyyy!

MelindaRD said...

The quinoa salad made me hungry. I think I should go eat lunch now :)