Thursday, October 14, 2010

brunch of biscuits and brussels

Ah, Austin. Already seems like a good dream from a long time ago.

Returned home to find my car… gone.

Followed by a bill for $165 from the people who towed it from the  complex where I FREQUENTLY PARK ON THE DAYS I RUN COMMUNITY EVENTS THERE AS PART OF MY JOB (how nice of them to mention that, eh?!).


Austin. Brunch. My favorite meal in my favorite city.

Our destination was Snack Bar, a cute, local ‘n organic lovin’ place on South Congress, full of cute Austinites basking outside.


Your water arrives in a chemistry-class-like beaker:


I spent a great deal of time reading the extensive menu, a mix of old-fashioned Southern and newfangled yuppie. I toyed with the idea of shrimp and grits, but then Rachel pointed out that if they’re really local, the shrimp are from the Gulf of Mexico which is… not so conducive to living things right now.

Plus, there were BISCUITS AND GRAVY! The only fond memory I have from a nightmarish hiking trip to Wyoming with my dad was stopping at the same somewhat trashy diner for breakfast every morning and sitting down with a seriously hefty plate of biscuits and gravy.

This had the added bonus of containing local and lovely smoked pork sausage and applewood smoked bacon (they did have the option of mushroom and tahini gravy and though I found it intriguing… I went for the real pig :D)

I got the combo plate with 1 biscuit and gravy and 1 scrambled egg, which was plenty massive.


But I read this side dish on the menu and knew I needed it in my life: imagine sauteed brussels sprouts with agave, dijon, and dill.



It was wonderful and complex and the thing you were left tasting the most was sweetness. Am recreating this at home, ASAP!


Richard, ever the photographer, borrowed my camera to photograph his brie ‘n bacon omelet.


Due to his stomach being none too fond of onion fried goodness, he then passed off the two halves of his hash cake to Rach and me. It rounded out brunch nicely!



Maya said...

Brussel sprouts! I don't see that too often at the diner, and I have a funny feeling that I won't be. Next time we're making brussels sprouts. Oh, did I just invite myself over to your house? Well, I promise to bring my culinary creativity thinking cap!

fittingbackin said...

That beaker water glass is SO cool! Love the shape!

I've never had brussel sprouts!

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

I love Snack Bar! Did you see the cocktails made with Odwall juice? So glad you went. :)

That reminds me I have TWO groupon/lunchdeals I need to use there....