Thursday, November 3, 2011

when it’s cold

When it’s cold Sheila does her napping on the dining room table. Cats have a real knack for finding the warmest, sunniest spot in the house.


When it’s cold I want soup with every meal.

This lunch featured a nice potato-leek.


What an adorable bubble. I am hereby dubbing that a soup dimple.

Along with a ‘wich, grapes, and warm cinnamon apples (microwaved. Another heat source!)


When it’s cold, it’s preferable that sandwiches be griddled and oozy and warm. This was a variation on the Crack Wrap, with hummus, some wonderful cheese from Lebanese Butcher, and arugula.


Another mandatory winter soup- my pumpkin-lentil, which froze and thawed bee-yoo-tifully.


Along with apples two ways (because when it’s cold apples are fortunately at their best and must be consumed frequently. As an added bonus as everyone knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And it is the season for extra hearty pathogens so might as well fortify yourself!)

Apples part 1: on yogurt with cinnamon.


Part two, on a toasted bagel thin shmeared with peanut butter, also with cinnamon.


When it’s cold I crave cinnamon. Perhaps it’s the fact that like so many spices cinnamon speeds up your circulation… perhaps helping to warm you up?

Naw, I just always love cinnamon.

All together now. Apparently I found this to be a photogenic lunch, eh?


When it’s cold vegetables must be roasted and toast must be toasted.


Some extremely tasty farmer’s market cauliflower cooked beautifully and easily: a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkling of salt and pepper, and a pop into a hot oven. We made these for the kiddos last year and they said it reminded them of popcorn. Which I kind of get! The toast is one of those Frankenfood-but-oh-so-tasty blueberry bagel thins.

Another day of Apples Two Ways!

Again warm with cinnamon, again on plain yogurt with more cinnamon. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


I did eat the apples in a slightly different manner: whoa this combo was good. And WARM!


Another roasted vegetable: acorn squash with butter and (brilliance) CUMIN! I did not come up with this clever combination.


Because when it’s cold it’s so nice when your mama cooks for you. She made that :D

This soul-warming delicious chicken, too. Make yourself a pot of Spicy Citrus Chicken. Good for when it’s cold :D


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Shannon ~ My Place In The Race said...

What a sweet kitty :) I love napping cats. They are so peaceful and content.