Saturday, June 11, 2011

pounds and pounds of food

So I haven’t felt like writing, but man oh man have I felt like eating.

After work last night, I was just SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Our building is old and roach-infested and poorly insulated and disgusting and dirty and hot. Kids were going nuts, screaming and swingin’ chairs at each other, whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiining. Interpersonal relationships were not at their best, either.

So I went to Trader Joe’s, super warm and uncomfortable, and it manifested itself in my purchases and I bought $6 worth of blueberries (a pound and a half). And a mango.

So here’s what was left this morning, bearing in mind this container was full 12 hours before this picture was taken.


My feeling was, I was ingesting a lot of really great nutrients and it was still cheaper than many D.C. metro-area cocktails. So… it constituted the majority of my dinner. Steve and I also polished off some leftover squash pie (which we didn’t bother to reheat) on the deck.

Anyway, surveying the amount of berries that were left this morning, I then just went ahead and polished the box off.

(It was 8:15, after I’d finally given up on trying to get back to sleep. Since I’d been up since 7:30 and all. 6.5 hours is like the maximum I’ve gotten on a given night this week. It makes me sad).

Sooo I ate breakfast in the carefree way that my mother often does: carb, jam, nut butter. Knife.


When taking this approach to meal preparation (the “slather method”, if you will), I highly recommend almond butter and lingonberry jam.


Mango was grand. Kudos to Trader Joe’s for always having ripe, delicious, perfectly textured mango. Costs a little more moolah but man this fed my soul.


Conscious from some caffeinated tea, my day then improved.

Farmer’s market (green beans, beets, lettuce, yogurt, and a sample of GOAT CHEESE CHEESECAKE WITH STRAWBERRY RHUBARB COMPOTE THAT’S RIGHT Y’ALL).

Then- this is whacky.

My mom saw the approach of wedding season this summer and decided my sister and I should both have dresses that enhanced our assets, minimized flaws, kept us decent and wholesome-looking and keep us from shaming the family, etc. etc.

Her solution to this was to make us mandatory appointments with Nordstrom’s (apparently free!) personal shopping service. It is kind of fun to just hang out in a dressing room having people bring you stuff to try on.


(Didn’t go with any of those actually- I’ll show you the winner the next time I post pictures from friend weddings! That black and white one was super flattering, but I always buy stuff like that. Both the blue ones just seemed a little weird cause I have vast, vast shoulders. That bronzey one with the belt was totally ferosh but there are not strong enough Spanx in the world. Also it was super uncomfortable).

Anyway, perhaps you can observe my hair grow more disheveled and my eyes grow more steely as the process went on- man shopping is kind of stressful. And then being a big sister, I felt a personal responsibility to find my sister something beautiful (but not slutty, cause she’s my baby sister and boys have their notions, doncha know) and yeah. It kind of took a long time. I was really tired at the end.

Sooooooooo then I went to BRUNCH with Patricia! Having had similar weeks, we made a point of planning to get together on Saturday to drink alcohol.


We did.

Anyway, we’d planned on it being mimosas (a culturally acceptable early-in-the-day drink) but then our waiter mentioned freshly made Sangria (and he was sort of sexy and Latin looking and I’m assuming he knew what he was talking about) so that happened.


I’m calling it… enhanced fruit salad. There were delicious pieces of melon and berries in it.

Annnnnnnnnd then despite the fact that I’d thought I wouldn’t be hungry, and spent the morning essentially going shopping, I was EXHAUSTED and STARVING and got huevos rancheros. I mean how beauteous.


Yeah, definitely DEMOLISHED those. Okay, I don’t like sour cream. And I didn’t finish all that cheese. I mean, look at all that cheese:


But, after omitting some of that and the sour cream, in addition to eating the crispy tortilla under those two eggs and refried beans and awesomeness, I then bummed toast from my sister. Because I am tired and stressed and loooooooooove caaaaaaaaarbs!

To make up for the highly spastic nature of this post, now please enjoy photographs from a Real Photographer (taken on her iPhone, a medium with which she’s doing seriously extraordinary work), my aunt Dena.

She and my mom took a quick trip to Provincetown, one of my favorite places, to visit their uncle, and being fans of my blog sought to document the lasagna they enjoyed Friday night.

denas lasagna 2

Awesome- beautiful fresh veggies. Super awesome- rather than cheese it was layers of POLENTA! Brilliant.

denas lasagna 1 

Annnnd I guess this is something else that looks delicious too. Readers, a contest! Identify this dish!

denas lasagna 3


Jess@atasteofconfidence said...

I always demolish those blueberry containers. They are so addicting! I love the black dress, excited to se the winner!

Jess said...

Blueberries don't stand a CHANCE around me. Not. one. bit. ;)

Steven Alexander Heathcliff Basil Bert said...

Ohh my god, that black and white dress with the triangles! The designer could end his/her career feeling completely accomplished after glimpsing you in it. Wow, Ileana.

Also, the huevos rancheros could probably spark a war. Eggsplosive. (In a savory beyond-belief sort of way.)