Wednesday, June 29, 2011

all kinds of classy

My sister’s godmother Joanne (and a relative, too, but in that complicated Greek way that makes it easier to just say she’s my aunt) had a big birthday this year, and her husband, my sister’s godfather Roger threw her the CLASSIEST SHINDIG EVER. 

Cocktail hour with classy people in classy clothes

me and finkle at party

(my sister is the smiling one, I’m the one who’s uncomfortable being photographed. Kudos to my aunt’s iPhone and its Hipstamatic app for making that look semi-glamorous)

Beautifully decorated tables with lovely linens and sweet flowers


An army of caterers who were so like… seamlessly perfect at making sure everything ran perfectly and your wine glass was never empty


On that note, never-empty wine glasses. And champagne glasses. And place cards!

wine names gone

The meal began with an exquisite first course: actually my mom and my favorite thing that was served. Just look!


At the bottom, a heavenly gazpacho of yellow tomatoes, bright with acid (I thought this was a super cute touch because Joanne herself makes a mean gazpacho). Then perfectly, gorgeously diced tomatoes. Atop them, what could’ve passed for crab but was in fact diced hearts of palm (! I love hearts of palm!). Then a cute sprinkling of microgreens. And a wonderfully crisp, garlicky crostini of sorts.



There were *placecards* and *assigned seating* (my boyfriend was at the other end of the table and I managed, *sob*. And yknow, he managed fine cause he is absurdly extroverted) and fortunately the lovely couple between whom I was seated were clearly very amused by my photographs and hearing about my newfangled food blog.

Next, salmon!


Oh man oh man. Butta butta butta!

The salmon was cooked perfectly perfect- meltingly tender and still soft and pinkish in the middle. And the top had clearly been SLATHERED in parsley butter. Butta butta butta! So rich I couldn’t finish it, but I enjoyed every bite.

On the side was a pilaf that I enjoyed despite not particularly caring for its two main ingredients (orzo and wild rice) so that’s a testament to their cooking. And green beans that were PERFECTLY toothsome. Seriously, these caterers were legit.

Roger gave a very sweet toast, as did some of Joanne’s friends


And then, like any proper birthday party, there was cake! (Though no singing and embarrassment. This is, after all, a classy event).


YEAH that’s lemon curd filling, YEAH that’s luscious whipped cream on top, YEAH I got a bigger piece than the guy next to me :D (But then couldn’t finish it so I passed half of it across the table to Steve!) I spose the berries would be considered the garnish, but they were too yummy looking not to eat. I always eat the garnish!

Along with dessert there was decaf coffee in amusingly tiny cups. Not espresso. Just coffee in tiny cups. It was delicious!

espresso edited 

And then there was an adorable extra tray of sweets. Bonus dessert! Dessert accessory!


I had a peached filled cookie and a pecan-pie bar that was INCRED.


I need more dessert accessories in my life, I think.


Erin Lee said...

Oh my geez, you look stunning.

Miss Smart said...

Everything looks good, but I think I would have been happy with just that first course! WOW. :)

Jess said...

You look gorgeous! The salmon looks delicioussss!!