Monday, May 16, 2011

Make it Work Wednesday

Wednesdays kind of kill me. Our kids get early release so from about 12:45 til 6 (oh wait, that’d be if parents were on time to pick up their kids; let’s say 6:20 then) it is all kids all the time.

SO Wednesday mornings a workout is non-negotiable. And I attempt to bring some tranquility to the ensuing breakfast.

Have hit on the official Green Monster combo for Summer 2011: tiny banana (or 2/3 of a big one); 1/2 T sunflower seed butter; 3/4 cup milk; 2 handfuls ice, 2 handfuls spinach. Whirrrrrrrrrrred. Topped with 1/2 cup Shredded Wheat, original style.


Lunch I decided I was going to make whatever made me happy. I had already had a serving of vegetables before 9 am, after all.

So I was craving beans. I work with children, which means they are obsessed with all things gaseous and shriek at the mere mention of beans. Sauteed some onion, threw in some cumin.


Then added a can of black beans and a can of fire roasted tomatoes. They hung out. For not very long, cause I had to go to work.


The real craving, though? Quesadillas. I blame Patricia: she hosted the previous Thursday’s potluck (when I was off being wined and dined at Citronelle) and copious amounts of leftover Mexican goodness from the Cinco de Mayo festivities meant she’d been feasting on quesadillas all week. So I’d been drooling at said quesadillas all week.

I made my own!

Mushroom quesadillas are the bestest.


On a TJ’s whole grain tortilla with flax (<3) plus chedda.


Plus my finished beans, finished with hot sauce the way God intended…


… and an orange, which I’d already zested so looked a bit… busted.


As for dinner, it was eaten solo which was actually really nice. I’ve had woefully little alone time lately, and I really like it.

This was vaguely inspired by a Washington Post food section salad (the WP food section as a rule totally sucks- a guy made homemade individual sized lobster pot pies for a “Casual Saturday Lunch”- but they had an article on greens that was aight) except much less ambitious.

Blend of farmer’s market baby kale and butter lettuce dressed with miso, lemon, crushed red pepper flakes and a whispery sprinkling of Parmesan.


And canned smoked herring, which I read about courtesy of Kath and am now kind of obsessed with because I am kind of obsessed with all smoked fish; on a bagel thin and a half (cause it’s what we had) with light cream cheese.


Yes, that was a small dinner. Yes, it was followed by my body weight in snacks.

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