Sunday, May 1, 2011

breakfast, from sunny to green

What a difference a week makes. For Spring Break, I’d eat breakfast on the deck, noshing on my oats and sipping my tea…


… as I read the paper and watched the dogwood burst into bloom.


Classic oats: caramelized ripe banana, 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water, and, my latest additions, a heaping 1/2 tsp. ground flax, and a splash of vanilla and a dash of salt.

With almond butter on top. All I need in this life.


Doing a megabatch early in the week and reheating individual portions works PRETTY well, but stovetop oats eaten the day they are made are absolutely exquisite. The texture is PERFECT!


Anyway, there’s something wonderful about sitting outside, admiring nature at its most beautiful, having nowhere to be. It’s a gift.


Easter morning I woke up a bit queasy- we have a midnight service, and at the end they give out hard boiled eggs, dyed red in the Greek tradition, for Easter. So I ate a hardboiled egg at… 2 am. And then there was fresh made baklava in my kitchen, so I had that too.

I woke up feeling… iffy.

So I sat down in my beautiful sun-drenched kitchen and ate an absolutely luscious champagne mango, as I admired the flowers from the Good Friday service we’d saved in a vase in our kitchen.


Have people tried champagne mango? This was my first time. They are confusing because compared to regular mangos, they don’t look ripe… they are yellowy orange. But they are!


Inside is luscious juicy mango! Nommmmmmmmmmm.


Well, enter the work week. Going back was… um… a bit tiring. Had my phone and more than $100 in my wallet stolen. Broke out in some weird rash all along my shoulders and hips (Sweat? Bugs? Bugs who like sweat?). Kids kind of hate me right now. And am, as usual, WAY too reliant on late night stress eating.

A good nourishing breakfast, the one that makes you think, or at least hope, that it’ll give you the fortitude for a successful day… the first Green Monster of the year.


In the blender:

1/2 a bananer
1/2 T almond butter
handful of frozen spinach, micro-thawed
1 cup milk (too liquidy! Next time less. Caused me to require too much ice, which then melted too quickly. Mess!)

Cold. Frothy. Filling. And unbelievably virtuous; it’s a serving of veggies before 9 am. And you really don’t taste it!

Topped with Shredded Wheat. Try it, you’ll like it!



lesley lifting life said...

Breakfast by nature looks fabulous! :) That's the way it should be.

Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen said...

Ugh! Going back to work/school after Spring Break is the WORST...glad you enjoyed your leisurely breakfasts while you could. :)

Still have yet to make a green monster. The best thing about that bowl to me was the shredded wheat on top.

All Things Yummy said...

I've never had a champagne mango. I'll have to see if I can find one next time I'm at the store.