Wednesday, January 12, 2011

things i’ve invented that i love

Channeling Things I’ve Bought That I Love. I wish she updated that blog! Though I’ve been seriously neglecting The Office this season, so it’s not like she owes me anything…

Anyway. I’d been meaning for ages to make a new batch of my homemade lentil burgers. So I did.


Then I ate one. And went WOW I AM REALLY GOOD AT COMING UP WITH VEGGIE BURGER RECIPES! I am not alone in thinking this. Steve tried one and marveled at its deliciousness.

The thing about packaged veggie burgers is that in many cases they are 1. Delicious 2. Convenient and 3. Absurdly expensive, given the fact that they are made of *beans*, which are *cheap* (I’m looking at you, Gardenburgers, you cruel mistress).

The beauty of my recipe, however, is that you can get the delicious (given the plethora of flavorful ingredients- something beautiful happens in the interplay of lentils/walnuts/flax/carrot/cumin) and the convenient (you can make a batch of 8, eat 1, and freeze 7, as I did, individually press ‘n sealed then thrown in a freezer bag)..


Yet it costs basically nothing! And can be made if you haven’t bought groceries in aaaaaaaaaages (which I haven’t) as long as, like me, your pantry is always stocked with legumes and you always have an ancient carrot lurking in your crisper.

Had my first one plated up with another of my favorite inventions:


Austin brussels sprouts! So called because the recipe is rooted in the transcendent brussels sprouts I ate at Snack Bar the last time I was in Austin.

Brussels sprouts. Halfed if they’re big, whole if they’re teeny. Thin film of olive oil, medium-high heat. Put cut side down, cook til brown on that side. Flip, brown on other side. Pour in (if you’re using my pint sized quantity): 2 tsp. honey, 1/2 tsp. dijon mustard, 1/4 tsp. dried dill, a wee splash of water to keep from sticking. Once water has evaporated, reduce to low heat and cook just til the beauties are fork tender.


Another gorgeous invention: salad made of ingredients that can be bought in mass quantities.


One of a create of clementines, some shredded cabbage (because ou don’t buy a little bit of cabbage- you buy a HEAD of cabbage, which just keeps begetting and begetting), and avocado (which in our family we buy in the huge Costco bags because it is just so amazing). In terms of nutrition, color, and flavor, this really did just hit. the spot.

Had it after a workout with a big, cold glass of water and some oven parsnip fries and Trader Joe’s Chickenless nuggets.


Yes, I ate fries and chicken nuggets for lunch. Because I am 6 years old.


Plus grainy mustard, for which I had a random but intense craving (?)

Lest I sound arrogant, I am always learning. The other day for lunch I threw together a salad of arugula, chopped mushrooms, a little chunk off the last of the blue cheese ball we made for the Christmas party, and a slice of bread with homemade hummus.


Steve, however, added chopped apple, stuffed grape leaves, and, along with the bleu cheese beautifully and artfully distributed amongst the leaves (and yes, I watched him very deliberately do so), crushed red pepper flakes. Gently resting atop both arugula and spinach. I love it.



rachel said...

i have been craving a veggie burger all week and i just happen to have an unopened package of lentils in my kitchen! the luck. they look delicious! :)

MelindaRD said...

I wish I was that creative at making veggie burgers.

Jess said...

I seriously love your eats!!