Saturday, January 8, 2011

proper breakfast

I don’t understand people who don’t eat breakfast. I sort of live for it. I love going to bed not too full (something at which I’m currently failing, given the abundance of dessert in my house), then getting up in the morning with a hearty appetite and sitting down with a hot bowl of… something wonderful.

Usually carbs ;D

Being home for break was such a godsend. I strolled down to my sunlit kitchen at a reasonable hour, I perused the paper, and I made oats. Banana oats with peanut butter.


That rich custardy lusciousness? Only by stovetop, only made daily. My big weekend batches are good, but they’re nothing compared to a hot bowl of oatmeal made that very day.

Superripe banana, caramelized first for maximum flavah. And melty peanut butter, oozing over the top. Bliss!


A more sedate breakfast, after a night of too many sweets:


A cool and crunchy bowl of plain yogurt, chopped apple, a few handfuls of cheerios, and milk to make it all go down breakfasty.

But Saturday. Saturday was my last day of proper breakfast before I went back to work (party preparations made it far too insane to sit down for anything on Sunday). Furthermore, it was the same for my mother,a nd I was actually up first.

So I thought, let’s do this thing.

We begin with Christmas bread, egg-rich and sweet.


Can you guess? FRENCH TOAST!

Battered in egg, milk, and cinnamon, griddled in butter. With syrup and a beautiful clemmy clem!


As for me, I sought savory rather than sweet, and like to keep my grains whole.

Thus, egg in a hole.


That adorable classic of childhood, rounded out with coffee yogurt (!!! <3<3<3 coffee yogurt!) and another clem.


This isn’t ordinary egg in the hole.

This is Bittman-style: another of his from one of those 101 somethingorother lists.

Thus, after griddling your toast and egg, you deglaze the griddle, letting it cook and get syrupy and sweet and luscious, with…. balsamic vinegar!

Be still, beating heart:


Cannot even put into words the beauty that happened when that balsamic reduction mixed with that egg yolk.



Anonymous said...

haha i am a huge breakfast lover as well! i dont understand why people don't like it/don't eat it!! just doesn't make sense to me!

carbs are a must in the morning - they make me happy :) haha

Anonymous said...

breakfast is my favorite part of the day as well. Makes my whole day better, starting it with a comforting bowl of oats or something delicious, cup of coffee, while reading blogs and news.
I just can't understand people who sleep longer a bit, and than rush out of the house without eating something.I would probably faint :D

MelindaRD said...

Breakfast is a great meal because there are so many ways to do it, and I live that you can do sweet without being too crazy. I love French toast!