Saturday, May 29, 2010

siesta key, shoes, soup

This morning> last night.

Had a lovely breakfast/catch up session/retail therapy trip with my pally Lauren.

Where we went in general has very healthful options but does have my number one guilty pleasure:


Oh. Yes.

I had never been to First Watch but Yelp was a fan and it is more or less exactly halfway between Lauren and me, which is always nice. I dug the healthy dishes (and ridiculously un-healthy but catchily named: I’m looking at you, Chicken-changa) on the menu, although it was in my opinion overpriced. I ordered the Siesta Key Cocktail:


Yay organic dairy! I’m trying. The parfait arrived looking absolutely stunning:


But was substantially easier to tackle once rearranged. The “nuts” referred to in the menu seemed to be exclusively CASHEWS! Not at all a problem for me, as I love them.


The muffin of the day looked uninspiring:


And tasted it, too. It took me more than a few bites to even realize that it was (I think?) banana-nut.

Lauren was presh and said “Ooh, let me take a picture of mine!” and her crepes were indeed beautiful (and she had never had crepes before! Girl was missing out!) and I think she shows great potential as a food blogger.


So I received some disappointing news yesterday and then got in a pretty hefty fight with my sister and was… not happy.

Today I was thinking about the life I wanted to lead and I decided I wanted to be the woman who wears these shoes:

DSCF4748 DSCF4749

And then bought them (at DSW! For twenny dollah!)

I am going to an event later today… well, a cookout. I may still wear my black stilettos.

Last night, having not yet moved on to cathartic shopping, I decided to give in to the gloom and make… split pea soup. Yes, okay, it’s late May. In my defense, it was raining.

In a pan I tossed chopped leek, carrot, and celery, and cooked it in a thin film of olive oil for 10 minutes. Then added garlic and fresh rosemary and cooked another 5.


Stirring is good for the soul. I love being in my kitchen making soup.

Once everything was adequately tender, I added split peas, a splash of red wine, and a whole lotta water. (I did 2 cups split peas to 7 cups water)

Brought it to a boil and let it cook for… oh, two hours.

Then I thought, hey, yeah, I’ll add those.


Beet greens. We had ‘em. In my opinion, they are one of the more beautiful foods known to man.


And cooked it for another, oh, hour.

It was gooooooooood and teeeeeeeeeeeender. And quite soothing with some toast.


Followed by some Mad Men and the world felt better.


MelindaRD said...

There is a first watch by my mom's house and it is pretty good. I have only been a few times. Sorry to hear you got some bad news. I hope everything will work out for you. I hate when bad things happen to good people (boy does that sound cliche!). I hope you have a good holiday weekend. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...cute shoes!

fittingbackin said...

Twenty dollah?! Great shoes and great price! That parfait looks great - love the granola!

Tamara Marnell said...

I'm sorry about the news, but warm and creamy veggie soup always helps. I wasn't feeling too hot for dinner today but a quick batch of carrot-ginger soup did the trick :D

runnerforever said...

I love all those creamers, I just bought a huge pack of french vanilla ones at Costco :-). A fairly sinless pleasure if you ask me.

Jess said...

Oh my GOSH--that plate looks so gorgeous and fresh!

<3 jess

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

i LOVE madmen!! did the new season start yet?

Ilana said...

Love the shoes.
Am I crazy or is there something really satisfying about dumping out the parfait from the tall glass into the dish?? That might be my fave part of eating it...other than eating it of course.

Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear said...

Cute shoes :)

Your parfait looks heavenly, what a treat!