Friday, August 2, 2013

moving in steve

This is Molly. She’s one of Steve’s new roommates.


Doesn’t it kind of look like she’s trying to eat my leg?! Haha, oops. She isn’t. I think.

Steve’s new place, in North Carolina, is the boooooooomb.

Witness the stunning hardwood-floored, granite-countered kitchen.


The sweet backyard woods and deck overlooking them.


The pleasantly manly yet well organized living space.


I think it’s going to go well!

Something that thrills me: Steve’s room’s previous occupant sold him the bed. No longer will visiting my boyfriend’s feel like going to a frat house. My sweet Steve won’t sleep on an uncomfortable mattress on the floor because he has, say it with me, a beddddddddddd! Yes.

And yes I helped assemble it, because I am an Ikea beast.


The finished bed was beautifully constructed. Molly checked by vigorously chewing her bone in it.


What better way to break in a new home than have  dinner party in it? I called Andrea to join us, and Steve’s roommate did too. And of course Molly!

This picture shows both the enthusiasm with which the dog conveys the evening meal, knowing she’ll have leftovers; and the fact that this Ikea table has the most cunning drawers in it.


We went to Weaver Street Market, a totally rad co-op nearby, to get dinner ingredients. They have local, cage-free eggs for $2.19 (scoooore!) so I made a frittata out of those, parsley, mushrooms, and the most exquisite sharp white cheddar they were demo-ing. I also made corn on the cob. Steve made amaaaaaazing local kale with soy sauce, lemon, garlic, olive oil, etc. etc.


Rounding out the meal was garlic bread and great Malbec.


During the meal, I was slightly bemoaning over my fears that I won’t get into UNC after all this work (my math GRE is below their average… but my verbal is above… tricky) and Steve’s roommate went, “Just send them a picture!”

It is a rather beautiful, pretty healthy meal. (Er, though, yes, those are homemade cookies in the background).

With Mason jar glasses, cause we live in hipster territory.


Here’s an awesome fact: Steve and I can walk back and forth to each other’s new places. I am not 100% moved in to mine (up in VA finishing biochemistry) but I am a bit, as you’ll see in a second.

The best thing about the walk between our places: the cat family.


There are two more, unpictured, and they are friendly and awesome. It’ll be great when I’m having withdrawal from Sheila, the best cat in the world whom I am sure I’ll miss unbearably.

So off we scampered to my new place to get our brunch on! My new roomie, Alli, had spent much of the summer traveling, and was reuniting with her NC friends (many of whom she’d met through AMERICORPS! Holla). She was nice enough to invite Steve and I along.

The apartment is a work in progress, so you’re only getting a few hints. Here’s the table laid (I bought Steve’s old one, which I think is so pretty). Note the dance-studio-esque horrifically shiny full length mirrors all along the dining room wall! We’re working on it…


Alli’d set up a lovely mimosa station.


And she and her mom, with the help of the grocery store NEXT DOOR TO OUR NEW COMPLEX (yes yes yes!) prepared a wonnnnnnnderful meal.


Homemade spinach ‘n onion ‘n cheese quiches, daintily arrayed donuts and mini muffins, and the most beautiful fruit salad.


The living room is currently a bit sparse (as I’ll be bringing down the sofa next week) so we all stretched out on the carpet and broke in the new space that way.


Excited for the next step!

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