Wednesday, August 1, 2012

breakfast goes classy

You, yes, you, deserve a classy breakfast. So do I. We all should. It’s amazing how much a classy breakfast (or even better, brunch) can do to make you happy for the day. Do yourself a favor, particularly on the weekend, check yourself to hotel room service catered by you.

May I make some suggestions?

Post-church-brunch: Eggs florentine.



Here’s what I did: heated up just a little bit of water in a large skillet. Added spinach. When the water started bubbling, cracked eggs on top. Covered, and cooked on low just until the egg whites were set, at which point the spinach was perfectly tender.

Toasted an English muffin. Put the spinach on top. Put the egg on top. Topped with pesto!



Moving from Italy to Mexico (er, moving from “Italy” to “Mexico), these were a marvelous twist on huevos rancheros.


Toasted up a sandwich thin (or whatever bread you have). Fried two eggs. Put a bit of black beans on the bread, topped with the eggs, and topped with avocado and hot sauce. AGH SO GREAT ALSO. Fruit on the side is always nice when you’re planning a classy breakfast.


Moving to the sweeter side, Steve is a good boyfriend and therefore makes efforts to have Ileana-friendly breakfasts available for me. He also lives walking distance from a Trader Joe’s luckyyyy. So he obtained some Fage (something of which he would not know the existence without me; now he’s thoroughly addicted), some fresh blueberries, and some pomegranate seeds. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


So pretty and colorful too, oui? And Steve’s also great about dealing with my intense, intense aversion to natural light (essentially: if there is any daylight whatsoever and you turn on a lamp, I will yell at you).


Plus toast on the side, and a cuppa.


Sweet and simple, I often find myself just wanting plain ol’ french toast. It is so easy to make I’m surprised I don’t do it more.


And finally, the not-particularly-breakfasty, celebration-of-summer-flavors, taste-the-rainbow brunch.

I threw some thawed frozen peas in a food processor with some basil, garlic, and olive oil (also good in there: mint, ricotta, etc. Sky’s the limit). Smeared that on some bread.

Made some corn that’d been picked up that morning that we picked up from the farm stand on the way home from church. Nuked in the husk in the microwave for four minutes (wow so simple and so good!)

And finally my mom made a salad with tomatoes and green peppers, also from the farm stand. Plus basil, oil, and balsamic vin.



Fage, you too :)


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