Monday, April 30, 2012


Breakfast with a non-strep bacterial infection (per my doctor’s diagnosis):


Obligatory mega mug of tea, along with comforting and energizing whole grain English muffin with butter:


And Greek penicillin. Avgolemono soup. Hot chicken broth, whisked in egg and lemon juice, rice. And lotsa black pepper ooooooh yes.


Threw in a few of these, for a serving of Vitamin C and also mega mega amazingness. Local strawberries. Taste like sunnshiiiiiiiine. And you can tell they’re local and small farm and all the things I like because they are so goofy looking! They come in all shapes and sizes, much like humans. Because it is natural!


Easily assembled, very filling work lunch. Tired, I suspect, of hearing me hacking and sneezing and rasping and generally being kind of gross, my hilarious coworker Rodney recommended I go home Friday and retire to my bed with a hot toddy. Because obviously I am Scarlett O’Hara. Tangent.

Work lunch:


Threw together a clean-out the fridge concoction of a red pepper (roasted then peeled), a tomato going soft (also roasted), and the last of a container of fire roasted tomatoes. Blended, with salt. Not bad.


Another tangent (in better lighting): that same day I made another clean-out-the-fridge soup by blending leftover roasted beets, buttermilk, and allspice into a very tasty and quite beautiful cold soup.


Kay back to work lunch. It also involved, for protein’s sake and more grains for energy, leftover quinoa salad from the previous week’s cookout (post to come!)


Old faithful: yogurt ‘n apples ‘n cinnamon.


And for comfort, and because it is the best hot chocolate of all time. We have it at work; a multipack of all those heavenly flavors. So amazing. I ration out 1/3 to 1/2 a pack at a time. And still have way too much.


Also work comfort: Amy got me flowers! And offered everyone the sparkling water that the “vase” originally contained, which was also a godsend for my throat. Yay Amy for being the best.


The next day. Seemed to’ve turned a corner, health-wise. Phew. Finals week approaches (and also work… insanity).

We were out of peanut butter, what tragedy. (Though have subsequently bought three containers of it, plus almond butter, so I think we’re outta those woods for awhile).

So, I made wonderful stovetop banana oats, but had them with a soft boiled egg. That was pretty great. Soft boiled eggs are the ultimate in sick food.


Tea the biggest thing on the placemat.


Morning cocktail.


Lunch was GREAT. I recommend ALL of these things if you are sick.


Tea, cause duh. (Though I took a single sip of it and went “Bleccccccch!” because Starbucks had messed up the teabags and I knew IMMEDIATELY because I am not at all a picky eater but I cannot. stand. chamomile. So I exchanged that for my usual very good rooibos).

Also an orange, obviously, cause they are chock full o’ Vitamin C and also have an acidity that I find very throat soothing.

A salad that was great just cause it was so filling (and had so much Sriracha on top)


Greens, edamame, carrots, cottage cheese, HOT SAUCE. Actually the greens were HOT too: we got a blend at the farmer’s market that included mustard greens and good. Grief. They were apparently wasabi mustard greens. Cleared those sinuses right out.

And finally, what might be my new obsession: salt and pepper popcorn. Orville Redenbacher “natural” (which means that it is packed full of palm oil but still; it’s popcorn; it’s healthy).

The pepper is uh-mazing. Highly recommend.


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