Monday, July 11, 2011

Chincoteague part 3

Our second night of sleep went much better than the first, because though my poor Steve was still sick, I introduced him to something amazing called Nyquil. Well, “introduced”, “force fed”… regardless, it meant blissful sleep (for everyone). Followed by a blissful morning bike ride to this blissful place:


Oh Sugarbakers. I am sort of relieved I was only visiting Chincoteague, since if I lived there I’d likely weigh 300 pounds.

So ignore my usual healthy tendencies because for breakfast I ordered a CINNAMON ROLL THE SIZE OF MY FACE!

God this made me so happy.

Now, all cinnamon buns are delicious in that they are coated in sticky sweet cinnamon awesomeness.


Yes, that did taste incredible, thank you for asking.

However, this wasn’t some Entenmann’s box. This was a legit bakery. Which meant that bites of cinnamony sugary sticky glaze were interspersed with bites of tender, fluffy, light-as-air DOUGH. Delicious delicious dough. Sweet goodness, oh man.


Steve got a donut.


Hahaha just kidding! That was a starter donut. He ordered four more once he affirmed its deliciousness (well yes, I went ahead and helped. Another amazing Sugarbakers donut that tasted like real dough, with rich oil-soaked goodness, coated in cinnamon sugar). Yep, five donuts. And he has a six pack.

Anyway, sugary breakfasts aside, then we biked out again.

I enjoyed the look I had this morning… in that it was a bit nutty. Blue flip flops, yellow bike, purple dress, orange sunglasses. I love it!


Yes, that is extra DEET bug spray tucked into my backpack. Believe me, I kept it on me at all times. Again, I left this trip with 25 mosquito bites.

Another beautiful day of biking. Discovered a meandering nature trail where we saw water, marsh, and deer.


And then made our way to the artsy side of town, where Steve became positively giddy at the sight of this Viking sculpture (anyone who spends more than five minutes with Steve hears of his obsession with all things Nordic).


Then we stepped into this bizarre shop that was really more like a museum of just… really random stuff that this lady put together in this tiny little house. It was awesome.



Then, wait for it, another INCREDIBLE TRAILER PARK. Chincoteague seems to mostly consist of pristine sites, looking out on the water, feeling pleasant breezes, filled with happy people… covered with trailers. Crazy.


And then the Coast Guard was on patrol! I’d totally join the military if they just let you choose where you ended up. These guys evidently received some sort of emergency call, because they booked it across the channel shortly after I snapped this.


Returning to our car, we spotted this sign and come on, how can you not go to Mr. Baldy’s family restaurant?


The inside was adorable! Everywhere was decked out with all these food-related quotations.


We opted to sit in the section decked out in Beatles paraphernalia.


The menu was way more expansive than you would guess at a place off the beaten track like this, but awesomely affordable. Huge $5 section. For just $2 more than that, I got SOFT SHELL CRAB! YAY!


I totally lurve soft shell crab and we’re in that prime season! This was fried, but greaselessly. Crisp and flavorful and awesome.

My sandwich came with coleslaw (which I demolished) and chips (many of which I bequeathed to Steve.)


It was meant to arrive with a pickle, but didn’t. But when I made inquiries, our waitress returned with not one but TWO for my troubles. What service!


Steve got the special, fish and chips. Can’t go wrong with local seafood. Oh I do love to be beside the sea side.


Our trip was near its close, but I just knew that I needed a picture of the sign and outdoors at Island creamery, where we’d gotten our cones the night before.


Yep, that’s all. Just a picture was the reason I wanted to go. Lookit the cute lighthouse! Outdoor seats with beach umbrellas, love that!


Wait but… what appeared on the table in front of us in that adorable Island Creamery container?! With two spoons?!


Blueberry ice cream to send us on our way. Delightful.


And so we were off, from a wholly delightful break. Three cheers for sunshine, summer, biking everywhere, getting sand all over yourself, sitting on docks having deep talks, admiring nature in all its forms, eating almost continuously, and spending time with the one you love.

Reason #823570823508235 my boyfriend is awesome: on our way home, we stopped at easily 6 farm stands. I returned to my family with insane quantities of local produce.

Including a watermelon baby.


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