Sunday, February 6, 2011


Having to throw away food due to a power outage is heartbreaking to me. HEARTBREAKING.

However, the restocking with reckless abandon part is really quite fun.


Delighted to see beautiful beets. And since beet greens just didn’t seem like enough greens, got some kale too.


Roastables! Parsnips (the hugest I’ve ever seen!) and butternut squashies.


Glorious apples


Beautiful multicolored eggs!


Local dairy from happy cows!


Steve’s been having some food woes, as you can read about at Planet Wisely. So I made him a loving local foods care package: a parsnip (which he’d never had), a sweet potato (which he’d only had in nasty marshmallow-topped casserole incarnations til I set him straight :D) and because he is a hungry man some buffalo (!) jerky.


Fun if overpriced farmer’s market purchase:


Empanadas! I interrogated the guy there about the chicken he used (it passed muster: local and “Got to run around”). He was a good sport, though he went “Yep… the chicken had a good life… before it got killed.” Well okay FINE well EVERYBODY DIES but their life should be okay. And better life= less scary superbacteria trying to kill my innards.

On that note, that was the same day I picked up my Lebanese Butcher halal organic awesome chicken :D


And while the butcher was wrapping that up for me I saw these cute meat pies and thought they must be mine. And then they were 69 cents each! Too cute.


Fiiiiiiiiiinal impulse purchase was by the counter: GORGEY BIG FAT DRIED APRICOTS! I went “Are these Turkish?” cause though we Greeks weren’t crazy about the whole occupation thing, I have been taught that they are the best.

BUT the guy behind the counter goes “No no! Syrian! They are the best!”

And yo: Syrian apricots. Are. The. BEST!


Post-farmer’s-market lunch turned into a bonanza of things stuffed in things, one of my favorite ways to eat.

Along with a yogurt for m’bones, I had some micro-steamed spinach (woulda been a salad but I was too cold, so I cooked it. Makes the iron more bioavailable, too!) topped with various stuffed things. Awesome!


The spinach was just tossed with olive oil and lemon. Had one of the meat pies and went halfsies with my mom on the two empanadas: chicken and my current favorite, crayfish mango. I don’t know how they make that wonderful light, flaky empanada crust (er, do I want to?) but dang it is good.


The mini meat pie was a wonderful bready crust (a bit like a calzone- I think the people who invented those kimchi tacos should do a middle eastern calzone place for their next project!) and the filling was moist, tender, spiced, pepper-flecked beef. Organic, halal, lovely!


The chicken empanada filling was a mix of light and dark meat with leeks and a hint of perhaps a curry-like spice?


Aaaaaaaand crayfish-mango, I wish I knew how to quit you. Meaty chunks of crawfish, sweet mango, chewy and savory wild rice. Nom!



Maya said...

I love me some empanadas. Preferably without meat, of course. I like to put crazy fillings in them, like tempeh, and my Chilean family cries out that I am committing sacrilege. But it's tasty.

Juicy dried apricots are the BEST.

MelindaRD said...

Looks like lots of good goodies to stock up on.

Kelsey said...

now this is my kind of restocking!!

apricots, yogurt, butternut squash, produce!! mm and beet greens! do you love beet greens or just the beets? some people throw the greens away but i think they are the tastiest part!! <3


Steven Alexander Heathcliff Basil Bert said...

Those mini meat pies conjure up brainstorms of projectile motion and at the same time they make my stomach want to schnarf. Ohh my god, I want some of those frisbee bundles of flavor burst!!!