Wednesday, January 27, 2010

breakfast in Taiwan

A series of 3.

Number one: the traditional breakfast shop.

A stroll through the city with Sally, my stepmother. Taipei (well we’re in the ‘burbs, technically, but the same holds true) is a really beautiful mix of modern and traditional, lush and green and modern city.

 DSCN0562 DSCN0561DSCN0564

The place is simple, with a short-order cook in the front with a grill and steamer. 


And a counter at the front with traditional buns, dumplings, and savory pancakes.


For drinksies, they have a big vat of fresh soymilk and (my new LOVE) rice milk with PEANUT POWDER. Like if you could drink peanut butter. Heaven!


I mainly had that for my brekkers :D Pork dumplings are a bit much for me at 8 am.

The next day we went to this rather bizarrely named Western/Asian breakfast chain:


After the NYC airport? Odd, odd.

Also odd, the menu:


Burgers and subs for breakfast. Sally wanted me to try these:


Traditional wheat wraps, not unlike tortillas. They break an egg on them and wrap them with filling, in this case ham:


I had a wee section, but even though it’s closer to American breakfast, I am just not a meat-for-breakfast-er.

More intriguing:


“Caix milk?” I asked Sally and she looked strained and said it was kind of like oatmeal.

I took off the cover to this:


Sweetish and vaguely oaty… sure enough, at the bottom:


Finally, today, CONGEE! Or as the Taiwanese call it, chi fan.


With dried pork and leftovers. Hahaha, I ate the rice!


More culture: the oldest temple in Taiwan, Lungshan (Dragon Mountain) Temple: 


Glitzy, huh?


They seriously pay attention to ceilings here.

People praying with incense:


Kitty on a dragon column!


The temple was divided into sections for each respective god and their blessing. Most fascinating was the section for the god of students.


Everyone brings in their exam registration cards (the papers with the faces on them)!

Also, see all the green onions? The words for “green onion” and “diligence” are very similar in Chinese, so they are a traditional offering. So cool!


Mo Diva said...

what beautiful pics!!!

And the peanut powder in soy milk!?!?! sounds heavenly

MelindaRD said...

Super cool pics. When i was in China I was thankful our hotels had both Western and Chinese offerings since I was always in the need to fuel up before touring around, but some things were questionable for breakfast. Your options look neat and different. Love the menu at the "fast food" place.

Jamie said...

Mmm drinking peanut butter - great idea:) These photos and travel/food entries - kind of like travel/food essays. Go get these published!

Penny said...

Wow! So cool. I love your vacay posts. So educational!

Unplanned Cooking said...

Beautiful pictures! Peanuts improve any dish, I think :).

Michal said...

Wow Taiwan looks amazing. You seem to be having a grand time :)

Jess said...

Taiwan sounds like such fun! I love how all the options had meat--lol, I am not a meat-for-breakfast person either :)
<3 jess

Linda said...

So exciting! I am just catching up on blog reading and was delighted to learn of your overseas vacation. And I'm glad your oven arrived!

How long will you be in Taipei and Bangkok?

I've been to Taipei once and don't have any recollection of places to recommend. However, I love Taiwanese food and it sounds like you are enjoying some truly authentic cuisine on this trip. I'm savoring each of your post..